We Need To Talk About: Satanism



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As a dyed in the wool agnostic, but also an avid researcher of history and politics, I’ve often found it difficult to get into how we can characterise those at the top of the pyramid in this era since the western enlightenment up until the modern day. It’s obvious that theological concerns we’re paramount in the first few centuries after the enlightenment thinkers and that it was not out of the ordinary to label someone a heretic or explain away psychopathic behavior or deviancy as demonic and place all the destructive behavior in the world at the feet of the Devil, because there were profoundly suspicious times, especially the occult revival of the 18th century. In the modern atheistic era however, it is much more difficult to bring up the idea that psychopathic and sociopathic behavior might be being engaged in en masse by cults or castes with specific esoteric beliefs because we consider ourselves to have largely progressed beyond all that horseshit and poppycock. Satanism is nothing but a relic of a failed religion that most people either engage in ironically or entirely superficially through various subcultures. Well you should probably already know this, but Satanism is not what they sell in Hot Topic. I mean that both literally and metaphorically.

Rule one when it comes to Satanism, to the surprise of most:

1) It has almost nothing to do with worship or the reverence of the being known to Judaeo-Christian theology as Satan.

In fact, ‘Satan’ itself is something of a misnomer, as it translates from the Hebrew (Strong’s 7854 שָׂטָן) as ‘adversary’ but is for the most part used in the descriptive, which leads to some “Bible Boners” when you realise that in that context even Jesus calls himself Satan on a couple of occasions.

(Edit: I mean Boners as in mistakes, just had to make that ere…correction)


No, satanism, even the fact that it is called Satanism, is in reality only tangentially and superficially related to religion, Satanists would tell you adamantly that its not at all, Satanism is a moral code, or to put it more accurately, satanism is an attempt at a scientific, logical and ethical grounding for a complete lack of a moral code.
Satanism states that there is no god, no judgement, no karma, no consequence, there is only the race to the top and whatever must be sacrificed to get there. It teaches that our present level of civilization has only been reached through waves and waves of conquest, war and consistent competition and that those who are currently at the top of the societal hierarchy are there because they are the ones willing to everything it takes to hoard as much wealth and power to make gods of themselves.


If that sounds vaguely familiar to you as the exact same ideological reasoning that the two main religions of today preach, those being capitalism and social Darwinism, then you’ve just figured out a huge part of the puzzle. This caste is and has been in relative global control since at least the end of the 16th century and had a firm, tight grip on the European continent for centuries before that. The systems they have built are as odious, malevolent, murderous, sacrificial, sociopathic and ruthless as they are, but this modern incarnation is just another iteration of something that has been going on for generations. The reason our politicians are sociopaths is that only sociopathic thinking is rewarded. Like the mafia, the most brutal and ruthless get to the top, but just like the mafia, they need a superficial religion to offer justification and redemption to the millions that man their networks and fill their coffers. The mafia had the Vatican, the Satanists have Freemasonry.

(The images used in this post are from Mark Passio’s  excellent presentation at the Free Your Mind 4 conference, available on YouTube:

But if you’ve never heard Mark Passio before, I strongly suggest you go to http://www.whatonearthishappening.com and start at episode 1)


Justice for Jill: A Film by Ste Murray



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The hit style assassination of Jill Dando remains an ‘unsolved’ case in the mainstream media. For those following however, the reason for the diversion of Barry George and the seeming disinterest in the case by the police is all too clear. Jill discovered something the BBC wishes to keep secret, it’s involvement in high profile V.I.P pedophile rings.
Like so many before and after her, Jill’s knowledge, along with her status as a trusted figure in British media, meant she effectively signed her own death warrant when she tried to expose this, only to find it was her own bosses who organised and belonged to that same ring.

Nothing else needs to be said. Just watch and make sure you follow Ste’s site Breaking Down the News and like and Share the facebook page

James Corbett: How Big Oil Conquered the World



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From Technocracy inc. in 1933, to the green revolution and the climate change debacle, Big Oil has spent a century manipulating media, manipulating Oil prices, invading sovereign nations and using their unassailable funds to essentially buy the governments of various nations.
They are suppressing alternative technologies that could revolutionize the world, they are engaged in the kind of intelligence gathering and assassination programs that would make the Mossad jealous, and all this, because a few fragile billionaire ego’s haven’t figured out they should probably be in a mental institution having their psychopathy evaluated.

Cannot recommend this enough, It’s by James Corbett of the Corbett report, so everything is double sourced and the bibliography is on his site.

Why I won’t be Voting today.



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It’s worth sharing again:


Votes in 2010 general election:
– 10.7m Tories
– 8.6m Labour
– 6.8m LibDems
– 15.9m NON VOTERS

I urge everyone who wants to vote today to go and do so, as a non-voter I sincerely hope that you get the result you want and that leads to some kind of positive change.

After the election hoohaa however, we’re all going to have to talk about our system. When the majority vote is abstinence, its not a fault within the populace, it’s a fundamental problem with the way the spectrum of views is represented by the political establishment

Participation in the central democracy we currently have assumes certain philosophical and political pre-requisites of its citizens. These are sacred cows which much of the voting public do not question because they have accepted the ever increasing encroachment of the state upon their lives. Some welcome it, believing it will be the answer to the societal problems of the past, others begrudgingly accept it as an inevitability

I am not voting today not because of political ignorance, laziness or exasperation with the failures of government. I am not voting today because not voting is the only way the voice I want to be heard can be heard. My reading of history tells me our slightly expanded two party state system is fundamentally unable to address and resolve the political, anthropological and philosophical issues I want to see addressed. I believe strongly that an adherence to tradition and archaic norms has hamstrung our central governments ability to be truly representative and that no amount of top down re-organisation is going to change that, because the unelected political class that govern our democracy do not want to see that happen, and no amount of voting will usurp those most untouchable of civil servants. .
None of the parties has either shown a willingness nor demonstrated a strong enough backbone to fight the various special interests that have turned our politics from an attempt to represent everyone inclusively, to merely an extension of the corporate arm of our countries military-industrial complex.

I have always beleived that peaceful revolution is the only answer. I want to build a society based on contributionism and voluntaryism. One that takes money and artificial values of wealth out of the equation, where market competition and the sociopathic hoarding of wealth are seen as the infantile practices they truly are and we take advantage of our technological prowess to teach everyone everything they want to know and let them invent and innovate in an open source environment.  One that understands that co-operation will always be more productive and progressive than competition and recognises that market forces are directly responsible for our species not capitalising on the incredible technological and societal advances that are currently locked away under patent protection until the monopolies of the last century can figure out how to properly monetise them for personal benefit, instead of releasing them for worldwide benefit

Where a standard of living can be maintained without the need to work for corporate hierarchies and doom most of the population to veritable serfdom. Where they can be free from tax and wage slavery and free to follow whatever their initial impulse for creative building they had before it was beaten out of them by a system that does not want smart, critical thinking individuals, it wants workers, just smart enough to operate the machines and dumb enough to passively accept it.


I don’t claim to know what that society looks like or even claim to have a definative plan to get there from where we are now.  It is a work in progress. All over the internet and in daily life I speak to people who are slowly coming around to this realisation and want to talk about how we build a society that supports everyone, demonises no-one and allows people to explore their existence without the need to justify it to a hierarchy.

What I do know however, is that the first step towards that society is to disengage with current ideas of central government, not to try to fight it or mold it into what I want to see, but to disengage with it and teach others why they should disengage with it until it becomes irrelevant. As with Gandhi’s attempt at a peaceful revolution, people need to understand that it starts with peaceful non-compliance with the system.

Democratic government was not put in place to help the population, it was put in place to appease a population that was on the brink of hanging it’s self appointed monarchs and leaders in the wake of various popular revolutions of the 17th and 18th  century. In that respect it has done it’s job and has now outlived it’s usefulness.

Westminster will never address the issues I want to see addressed, it does not have the capacity to represent me and therefore has no legitimacy to tell me how to live my life or demand I follow it’s rules through threats of violence and imprisonment. There never has been and never will be a central government that can address the issues of whether or not central government should exist and for that reason it is fundamentally unable to deal with how we govern ourselves in an age of global mass communication and the anarchy of information.

So I hope, without being sarcastic or patronising, that your vote today leads to the changes you want to see, but I hope that this goes some way to helping you understand why voting isn’t a way for me to see the changes I want to see, so I will continually campaign for and discuss the peaceful revolution I want to see happen in spite of the involvement of Westminster.

For me, May 7th is just another day in the long fight.

Peace, Love and Harmony to you all.

and who knows, I could always be wrong😉


Giants and Gods; The Omnipresent Mystery



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Whenever one is tackling a subject as open ended as the world giant mythology, one must first be aware that although mainstream archaeology maintains a dead silence on the subject, it is not too difficult to find direct evidence that indeed, there have been larger than average ‘people’ residing on our planet in antiquity, and have not only left evidence in the way of tools and implements they have used, for example the huge axes on display in the Minoan museum, to the gigantic skulls found buried amongst gold artifacts near the Nazca plain in Peru, where the huge geoglyphs have long been a source of confusion for archaeologists who refuse to change their point of view, even when the evidence is heavily stacked against them.

The Human argument

In cases such as the Nazca ‘Paracas’ skulls, on display at the Ica museum in Peru, the view of the mainstream is usually predictably sterile. Most archaeologists simply won’t offer a hypothesis, preferring to wave the hand of disinterest or insignificance, rather than be forced to openly postulate the facts. There are however, those in the mainstream who have attempted to fit the existence of these artifacts into their world view, and some have offered interesting counter-points to the more obvious diagnosis.

ica_museum_conehead_skullsParacas Skulls Ica Museum inca

In most cases, (in fact I am yet to find an alternative mainstream explanation,) the peculiarity of the specimens is attributed to the strange practice of binding the head. In many ancient cultures throughout the Americas, the Middle East and North Africa, the elites of the given society were partial to wrapping the head of the child, in order to elongate the cranium and give the distinctive ‘cone-head’ shape we see demonstrated in artwork throughout the 18th Egyptian Pharaonic Dynasty. Although this practice can certainly be shown to have existed and been linked to the status of a certain individual or bloodline (the highly controversial Hyksos Dynasty, whom Velikovky, Freud and Ralph Ellis argued were the family behind the Davidic bloodline of modern European royalty), in the case of the Nazca skulls there are certain aspects of the evidence that simply does not fit with the idea that these were bound heads, deformed for whatever social edge it was believed to attain.

The main argument against this hypothesis is the actual size of the skulls themselves. The practice of binding the skull, whilst able to create a distinctive look for the patient, cannot increase the overall capacity of the brain cavity. In the vast majority of head binding cases, the skull grows backward at a 45-90 degree angle. This can be seen clearly in skulls of Akhenaton’s family, his daughters and of course the infamous mummy of his alleged son, Tutankhamen. There is even an argument to be made that the strange double crown of unified Egypt was, at first, created to accommodate the anomalous skull shape of the early pharaohs. However it is possible to see how many of the Ica skulls would simply not be able to be supported by an average human physiology. the size and weight of the head would require a much larger, thicker neck in order to be fully supported, indeed some researchers have even speculated that the owners of these skulls would have had to have stood at a height of at least 8-12 feet in order to support the skull.  In the end though, there is one argument which single-handedly destroys the the theory of head binding. The practice of binding the skull only works within the given parameters of the patients original brain cavity size, and although the outside shape of the skull may change, the overall inside capacity of the brain cavity will not change. This is why the distinctive cone shape is always seen in instances of human skull deformation, the skull does not have the mass to significantly increase it’s height whilst also maintaining the inner cavity size ratio relatively, so in order to compensate for the increase in the height of the skull, the width of the skull must become increasingly narrow in order to maintain its structural integrity. However, as can clearly be seen in more than one example of the Nazca skulls, the size of the brain cavity is significantly larger than any human specimen ever observed. In some cases, the brain cavity is double the size of a human skull, which in theory, would yield a brain at least twice as large. As it is physically impossible to increase the size of a human brain through the practice of head binding, then we are left with only the obvious conclusions to draw.  Either this evidence shows the existence of highly advanced human specimens on this planet in the ancient past (a more recent Boksop man possibly) or they are simply not human in any way we could relate to.

Nazca Skulls

So how does this tie in to giant mythology? Well as i stated previously, the evidence of the Nazca skulls suggests at least one more interesting point. By taking the size of the skull and extrapolating the forensic mathematics out in order to calculate just how large the bodies would have to be to support such head safely in an atmosphere like that of earth, tests have shown that the beings from which the Nazca skulls originally came, must have been at least 10-12 ft. tall.

These facts remain the facts and they must be explained, they exist and are on display for all to see at the Ica museum of antiquities. But surely if it is indeed the case that such beings once roamed the Nazca plain, then there must be some record amongst the ancient people recording such events and at least attempting to explain them.  A quick glance at the available mythological history shows that in fact, not only do the Peruvian natives hold records of these events, but they are essentially replete amongst the South American native peoples. The Incan civilisation makes innumerable references to the Viracocha and the Mayan civilisation venerate Kukulcan, the ‘serpentine’ god they and the Aztecs famously worshipped, these civilisations still await the return of their feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl.  Each of these civilisations not only worshipped, and were in full belief of the genuine existence of these beings, they each fully believed that it was these ‘gods’ who had gifted them the seeds of civilisation, mathematics, language, literature, agriculture, astronomy etc. It has been shown recently that the old view of the rise of civilisation, i.e. that many separate independent cultures rose simultaneously without interaction, is no longer sustainable. The Cocaine found in the sarcophagi of many of the Egyptian pharaohs proves a deep, spiritual interaction between the north Africans and the meso-Americans. The Mycenaean’s can be shown to be master navigators and all of this is without even broaching the more contemporary discoveries of Viking and Chinese excursions to the Americas. Not only this, but many of the maps (and their forbearers) have now been discovered. The Piri ries map for example is all the proof one needs to push back the evidence of global seafaring. This kind of global navigation needs accurate longitude and latitudinal measurement in order for the unfortunate seafarers to not be consigned to an obvious suicide mission, and as latitudinal measurements need an accurate estimation of the size of the earth to be anywhere near accurate, all modern anthropology would suggest that there is now way that the piri reis map, or the antikythera mechanism, or for that matter the redheaded mummies of china or the zodiac at dendera simply should not exist. Nobody of that period should have had even the understanding of how to gain that knowledge, let alone have longitude and latitude worked out to the extent at which it is possible for them to have successfully navigated the oceans. Yet these evidences do exist, and as we have covered before in this blog, the mainstream tendency to simply ignore the evidence and continue pushing the disproven theory is simply not good enough. Either the general theory is wrong, or the evidence is impossible.There are no in-betweens and wilful ignorance is simply not an option.

I has been shown by physicists and mathematicians alike that the redundant geometry of the great pyramid includes a measurement that accurately describes the circumference of the earth, and with the evidence provided by the aerodynamic capabilities displayed by the Saqqara bird, we have enough evidence to suggest that humanity (or something close to it) had the capability to do these things in early Egyptian culture. is it possible that these advancements came from people resembling, if not directly related to the elongated skulls on display in Peru? Personally, i would say yes. Indeed,  it can be argued that the renaissance in mathematics and philosophy, and therefore the vast majority of modern western academia, conducted by the Greeks such as Pythagoras, Euclid and Herodotus, results directly from the decoding of the redundant geometry in the great pyramid. The fact is, whoever built that iconic structure, knew these things.

It is possible that whoever walked around with the Ica skulls perched upon their shoulders represent the seed, or at least aspects of the seed of this ubiquitous South American, indeed global Giant mythology.

The problem that we find with this mythology is twofold. Firstly it is taken only as primitive stories from a people just out of the stone age. Yet this makes little sense in terms of both history and psychology. If it is indeed the case that our ancestors merely created a narrative to explain their origins then the question must be asked. What was their frame of reference?  How does one explain the fact that these earliest of our ancestors, fresh out of the stone age, were creating stories of flying craft, serpentine beings and space travel. Indeed before one answers this question, the same must be asked of the Indian Vedas (which are considerably older), The Enuma Elish of Babylon/Sumer, the apocryphal books of the Christian bible , the epics of the Greek empire and so on, in fact this question must be asked of around 300+ pre-Christian civilisations across the globe. They use different language and differing names but all of them speak about archetypal legends that cross each others path in many ways.

According to the historical myth of progression, these people should simply not have even been able to have conceived of the concepts of flying craft and ‘other-worldly’ beings, of battles between giants and gods, let alone tell a similar story with similar connotations all over the world, despite having allegedly no contact until around a millennia ago. These long recognised and self-evident conclusions have been held in contempt for years by those in academic circles, despite being the logical questions to ask.

This also leads to another problem yet to be solved by academia.  In all instances of head binding so far discovered on our planet, when asked the simple question ‘why do such a thing?’ the practitioners have unfailingly answered “to emulate the gods.” It is here we must tread seriously on ground the mainstream would prefer to avoid. Why create such a potentially hazardous practice in order to appease or emulate something that doesn’t exist. Surely if the elites of these societies had created these religions from dust, as academia will suggest, then it would have been easier and safer to emulate the gods using jewellery, or body art or clothing. Jewellery especially would be available only to those skilled enough to mine and forge the materials, and then shape them into religious icons. Surely wearing a hat that gives the impressions of such a skull could be considered representative of such worship. Indeed, why even create the gods to look different to human beings in any way, for if the religions had made these beings up from thin air, then surely they could hold more power by insisting that the heads of said religions were in fact the gods themselves. After all, if nobody had ever seen them, who could refute them? Instead however, the ancient sun kingdoms, the Egyptians and the Asiatic cultures all created the same method of worship, and were seemingly willing to disfigure their own children and risk serious injury worshipping something they were absolutely convinced existed. So what convinced them?

Here we must stop for a second and consider the cargo cult theory put forward by Eric Von Daniken, possibly the most famous of all the proponents of what has come to be known as the Ancient Alien theory, which holds that the gods were in fact E.T. beings. I would be quick to point out that there is no need for these ‘gods’ to be extraterrestrial. Modern research into the early offshoots of the hominid and human species leave plenty of room for there to have been other, vastly more intellectually capable species than us in the evolutionary climb, Boskop man is just one example. That is not to say it must not be offered serious consideration, but it is not a lynchpin by which the cargo cult theory stands or falls. Whilst writing his infamous first book “the Chariots of the Gods”, Von Daniken had forwarded the theory that  some of the more unexplainable examples of ancient statuary, the Saqqara bird, the Incan ‘jet plane’ models, the lid of the Tomb at Palenque etc. were in fact examples of human beings attempting to interpret and copy things that they had legitimately seen, but did not have the frame of reference to explain as machinery, aircraft and advanced technology. There are an uncountable number of examples of such statuary all over the world, from aboriginal rock art in Australia, France and America, to the reptilian-esque figurines produced by the Sumerians and Babylonians, some of whom appear to be wearing intricate environmental protective clothing. For all intents and purposes this is a sound theory that could be easily argued without the need to present direct evidence, but Von Daniken was in the fortunate position of having a direct corroboration for his theory in the form of a number of Polynesian Island tribes. These tribes, during the 2nd world war, had for the first time encountered western civilisation.

Their first visions of this foreign, alien culture came in the form of military aircraft, dropping supplies and cargo crates into the dense midst of the jungle to resupply battalions and transport troops. The tribes were amazed to see these craft fly overhead, with even the basic thought of flying vehicles being completely out of context  for their relatively primitive worldview. It is fair to say that they had absolutely no frame of reference for figuring out how or why these craft had suddenly appeared in their skies, but never-the-less, as stray cargo crates found their  way into the tribes dwellings and they were opened to reveal strange pieces of technology, unknown foods and clothes of materials these people had never seen, the tribes came to the only logical conclusion they could to come to. These amazing metal birds were obviously  the craft of the gods, coming from the heavens to drop gifts down  amongst the worshippers.  As this continued throughout the years of the 2nd world war, the tribes began to expect seeing their ‘gods’ flying through the sky, they concocted rituals that their priestly classes believed would bring the gods back to them, curry favour and reward them  for their faithful worship.

Of course, this was inevitably to come to an end as the theatre of conflict closed in the years following the official ceasefire in 1945, the tribes however, unaware of any outside influence or explanation as for why the metal craft had suddenly appeared in their skies, were similarly stumped when it came to explaining why they had suddenly stopped flying their usual routes, dropping their usual packages. After a while, the tribes began to worry that they would never see their gods again, and as a result, they created dances, songs and rituals in a vain attempt to try to get the gods to return in their flying craft and drop more gifts upon the people.  Most impressively, they began to create straw and wicker effigies of the aeroplanes they had seen flying over, some spectacularly well-proportioned and detailed. In essence, they created a mythology that would have seemed insane to anybody who had no idea where those ideas had come from, yet it was a mythology based on fact, based on what they had seen.  Surely if one of these tribe members had met a member of another tribe and regaled him with incredibly tales of shiny silver flying ships dropping high technology and ‘alien’ foodstuffs into the jungle, he would have been laughed at. To the other tribes it would simply be a flight of fancy. Maybe, if our own culture is anything to go by, they would have simply told him he had misidentified gas from the nearby swamp. But the fact would remain that he was telling the truth, and the embellishments of ‘godly’ activity would be forgivable simply because the tribe member would only be trying to put the very real events he had seen, into some kind of relatable context that would allow him to understand his own experience without destroying his world view.

On the other side of the argument, the problem with the mainstream attitude to these cargo cults is that it is blindingly notable by its absence.  They have no formative hypothesis of why this would happen or what the implications are. They would rather ignore the fact that these cults exist and concentrate instead on the evidence that backs up their status quo. It is for this reason that modern generations of alternative and revisionist historians have fallen full bore into the arms of the ancient alien theory. Whilst mainstream historians lambast the emergence of a veritable army of Von Daniken and Sitchen supporters, they are either in denial or completely ignorant of the fact that it is Mainstream historians themselves and their attitude to revisionism that must take responsibility for the powerful hold this view has on a legion of people all around the world.

The reasoning for this is simple. Since the beginning of the 19th century, there have been a number of explosive discoveries that have taken the mainstream view of the myth of progression and the accepted notion of the rise of civilisation and thrown them under the bus. The discovery of the library of Ashburnipal, the popularisation of sites like Puma Punku, Nazca, Ica, Caral,  Tiahuanaco, Baalbek, and the ruins on the Bolivian Alti-plano, the discovery of the Osirion, Mohenjo Daro Dvarkha, Troy. The discovery of the Pyramids in China and Bosnia. Gobekli Tepe, The Baghdad battery, the Antikythera device, the list literally goes on and on. These discoveries and devices have clearly shown that the level of architectural and technological expertise and intelligence shown by our ancestors all throughout the last 5-6,000 years has been significantly more sophisticated than any mainstream historian is willing to admit, in the case of the Osirion, Baalbek and Puma Punku, it appears to in fact be significantly further advanced than we are capable of in the modern age, leading to the conclusion that, as Graham Hancock has spent his career proving, we are missing a lost epoch of human history, one that has survived only as an oral tradition that historians attribute to the fantasies of cavemen, wrapped up in the glory of Greek Mythology. This is despite the fact that in Greek, the word Mythos translates directly as “Stories held to be true by kings and priests”. As all these pre-Christian civilisations worldwide also tell the same story and believe it to be 100 per cent true, is it not incumbent upon historians to follow this thread? It is understandable that those who have done no research or hold no interest would make the assumption that if Historians refuse to make these connections and follow the research wherever it may lead them, that this is because that has been done, and adequate explanations can and have been forwarded for these anomalies, the few I have mentioned and the thousands more,  and this is why this study remains the hobby of fringe enthusiasts instead of being debated in the major universities of the west. However understandable it may be though, that doesn’t stop it from being patently wrong.

Western archaeologists have no explanation for these matters, and routinely simply refuse to acknowledge them.

youtsuk.jpgAnd so, in this void of acknowledgement, we must return to our question, why would the elites of these pre-Christian societies be willing to risk the health and survival of their own offspring, in order to deform them into living idols of their gods, and if skull binding and deformation cannot explain the existence of the remaining skulls at the Museum of Ica, then how are we to explain their existence? It is at this point that we must acknowledge that our own tendency to simply take what we see in the present and extrapolate it backwards through history has mislead us, and more importantly, does not account for the evidence.  It is known fact that there have been periods of our recent history that have been subject to a direct and widespread purging of knowledge. The Dark ages, usually signalled by the burning of the Library of Alexandria, the greatest collection of the hermetic teachings ever assembled. The destruction of the Southern American civilisations is almost incomprehensible, only one book now remains from the entirety of the Mayan civilisation, the Popol Vuh, and this itself is nothing more than the hurried remembering’s of the Mayan priesthood, who managed to cobble together what was left of their vast oral tradition whilst the Christians eviscerated and horrifically disembowelled their entire civilisation around them. It should not be surprising to those who have followed the thread of what I have stated here, that the ancient knowledge that has been destroyed deals almost exclusively with the time when these civilisations openly stated that their gods lived amongst them, teaching them and gifting them the staples of civilisation. The Mayan history for example, deals with the story of Kukulkahn/Quetzalcoatl, a bearded white ‘serpent’ god responsible for their knowledge of astronomy and astrology. The largely Occulted Egyptian history deals with Osiris and Horus, the serpentine gods who gifted civilisation to mankind.  Most incredibly, the Sumerian history speaks of Ea, Enki and Enlil, of the scaled water gods the Anunaki, who rose out of the sea and taught mankind to be civilised. Not only this, but Judeo/Christian history tells us of the Nephilim, the sons of Gods on earth, the Muslim history speaks of the Djinn, the offspring of the gods who became the demons and tricksters of old, and are known today as Genie’s.  The Southern American continent has the Virrucocha, and every northern American indigenous tribe has it own version, with the most well known being the Hopi/Navajo ‘Anasasi’ a word with incredible similarity to the Sumerian Annunaki.  The Greeks and Romans had the gods which were interchangeable expressions of the original archetypes of the Egyptian pantheon, and that in itself shared a history with the Sumerians. The Sumerian Kings list begins with the so-called anti-deluvian kings, who’s reigns and lifespans are incomprehensible to us today, as they rank in the tens of thousands of years. It would be easy to dismiss this story if it were a standalone example, but instead it is mirrored all over the world.


The Epic of Gilgamesh, carved into clay tablets by Shin-Eqi-Unninni, tell the tale of Utnapishtim, advisor to the ‘two-thirds god” king Gilgamesh, who despite being the personification of all human virtues, had succumbed to raping whoever he chose, a central part of all the multitude of the “sons of god” mythologies of the world. Indeed, the Christian Bible can be shown to describe the exact same story in the myths of the Nephilim, the Rephaim and the flood. Discovered by Hormuzd Rassam in 1853 the epic Describes how the high priest of Uruk was warned by Ea of a flood coming, lasting for 7 days and 7 nights. Utnapishtim tricked the population into building him a boat so that he and his family might survive and take with them a pair of every animal on earth. Even this story however, was a replica of an earlier tale of the Sumerian creation and flood myth of the Atra-Hasis tablets. Astraharsis appears in the Sumerian pre-deluvian kings list, suggesting a strong corroboration that this figure actually existed. The Greeks then continued this myth with the story of Pyrrha and Deucalion, and on into the Judeo-Christian-Muslim religions as the story of Genesis 6, the sinful nature of the Sons of the Elohim and the survival of the line of Noah. The flood myth is pre-eminent in all cultures across the globe, and as has been discussed in other posts, the work of researchers such as  Grahame Hancock has firmly established hard evidence that human civilisation was possibly global in the time before the last mini ice age and that in all probability these civilisations lived through, if not totally survived this cataclysm.

The pre-deluvian myths all talk of a golden age of man living among the teacher gods, Greek Mythology continued this tradition with the history of mount Olympus, Where the giant God Zeus ruled over a pantheon of god’s, Titans and more who were simply the rehashing of the archetypes given by the Sumerian/Egyptian pantheons, comparative mythologists have, for the past few decades, been trying to draw attention to the fact that the similarities in the world mystery’s and myths of the ancients are in fact one myth, told in a plethora of different languages each with their own names. There is even cross corroboration between the texts, as in the Christian King James Bible, Revelations 9:11 states

“Then the fifth angel sounded, “And I saw a star fallen from heaven to the earth. To him was given the key to the bottomless pit. And they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon.”” (Rev. 9:1, 11)

Appollyon/Apollo, was the son of Zeus, the prime among the Greek ‘sons of gods’ that once again we find in each of these separate mythologies. And it was his father Zeus, the God amongst Gods, who sends the flood to rid world of humanity, which he has judged as essentially wicked. Two interesting side notes come out of this, Firstly the Greek story of the flood is the origin of Lycanthropy, or the Werewolf Myth, which we wont go into here but, but far more interesting to note that in the Hebrew bible, the word for god is ‘Elohim’. InHebrew, the ‘im’ suffix is plural so Elohim is plural (meaning “mighty ones”), but in the context of the the Judeo-Christian God Yahweh, Elohim as plural emphasizes his primacy in opposition to the plurality (the many) of “all the gods”. As many theologians have commented, this essentially confirms the Judeo-Christian mythology as pantheistic, which is something the Vatican and centralised Christianity has had a hard time dealing with. Yet when one looks at the consistent mythology throughout western history and indeed that of the entire globe, the fact that the old testament would simply be yet another rehashing of the global mono-myth seems inevitable, as it can clearly be shown from roughly 2,500 years ago and further into pre-history, this was indeed what the entire globe believed to be its true history, be it the Indian Vedic Tradition, The South-Americans, the North African civilisations, Asiatic cultures or the bronze age Europeans, each of them stated on the record that they were the survivors, or had been taught the roots of civilisation by the survivors of a cataclysm, who when appearing upon their shores had appeared and were recorded as ‘god-like’ beings.

Flavius Josephus, the noted Jewish historian of the first century A.D., described the giants as having “bodies so large and countenances so entirely different from other men that they were surprising to the sight and terrible to the hearing.” And he adds that in his day, the bones of the giants were still on display, and there are indeed many museum displays that seem to warrant further investigation, such as the giant Minoan axes on display in the Heraklion museum.

Similar skulls continue to be found in Egypt, Siberia, Australia and Peru, and to ignore these discoveries and not link together the obvious is to be wilfully ignorant of what is staring us in the face.

“Scholars at the Omsk Museum of History and Culture have no conclusive answer as to the origins of these skulls, which were found in burial mounds that are believed to date from the 4th century AD
Because of the skulls’ bizarre shape they do not show them to the public, fearing that people might be too shocked.  `This really shocked and even frightened people. Because the skull’s shape was unusual for a human’  said Igor Skandakov, director of the Omsk Museum of History and Culture.
Scientists said that the skulls have marks that could be due to artificial deformation of a normal skull.  They surmise that the ancient communities deliberately deformed the skulls of their children, by applying force through a head press, almost from the moment of birth.  Why they might have done this is not clear.”

Read More:http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/268227


Vincent Bridges: Alchemy & the Shakespeare: John Dee’s Angelic Solution



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As a follow up to the previous video by Dan Winter on the science of phase conjugate dielectrics, Phi and charge collapse, I would highly recommend anybody interested to check out this presentation by Winter’s historical counterpart (and a man Winter credits with the contextual historical research) Vincent Bridges.

As a young English literature student I was transfixed with the works of William Shakespeare. The level of depth his canon shows and its ability to remain constantly contemporary resonated greatly with me. As I grew older and began to study everything from astrotheology to quantum physics to comparative mythology, i only ever became more intrigued and confused by how every element of what we today consider to be ‘Alchemical’ or ‘Hermetic’ studies seemed to be not just connected, but intricately interwoven into the works of the plays. It wasn’t that shocking that these elements surfaced there, we are after-all talking about the time of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley, where these subjects were of highest import to the Royal Houses of Europe, but the fact that a relatively poorly educated man of little standing could have known all of this intricate information about Court etiquette, occult history and esoteric matters simply does not make sense. William Shakespeare, by all accounts, should not have been able to pen those incredible works.

By all accounts, that is, but one…..

lots of people were called the Shakespeare or the ‘Spear Shaker’ throughout history. It’s an occult reference of probably Greek origin, to someone who’s work brings enlightenment in the way Athena in Greek Mythology was able to walk into a room and shake her spear and instantly enlighten everyone in the room to the hermetic tradition.

It’s the same reason I thought Shakespeare was Francis Bacon originally because he created a writing society called the ‘Poles-Athena’ society based around restructuring the Latin and Greek influences on the English language to make it a more integrated, poetic language, which is precisely what Shakespeare alchemical plays did. These are all things that point to someone on the level of a Bacon or indeed possibly even De Vere being the culprit.

However when you look at the history of Kelly, Dee and a man called Francis Garland, and their adventures in Prague under King Rudolph II of Bohemia, a man Terence Mckenna also speaks very highly of, it instantly becomes clear that Shakespeare was Francis Garland, and that his time in the Royal hermetic court of king Rudolph not only gave him the time and education to write what he wrote, but also the alchemical motivation. The parallels between Elsenor and Hamlet are immediate and obvious. The same can be said of the megalithic legend of Prague and Lidusa and King Lear.

As the curator of the Kelley museum in Prague, he brings together the apocryphal history and shows how the resulting Shakespeare works were intricately linked to Dee and Kelly’s work with the Enochian language.

This is not at all to say the matter is over and finished with by any means, the authorship of the plays has been long disputed and will continue to be, but I believe Bridges has hit upon a logical conclusion that answers the questions other explanations leave open




Operation Ore; Why did Tony Blair order a D-notice on the MET’s largest investiagation into Pedophelia?



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(Full video below..(edit) Or at least, it was until your loving oppressors took it down because, y’know, they know whats good for you better than you do. Kudos to those re-uploading to Youtube)

Bear with me….

About 2 years ago the computer I had been using, that had been switched on for weeks at a time for around 4 years, decided to finally give up the ghost and move on to a new state of electrical harmony. Fair enough I understood. I am in a constant state of battle with technology. Since the GCP out of Princeton concluded that human consciousness has an effect on random number generators and thus, something in the electrical fields of technology and consciousness is projecting and picking up interference patters, I have come to conclude that my computer is well aware of the fact i think it’s acting like a bastard and denying me bandwidth or losing files I know I saved, and thus has decided to be as much of a dick as possible, beginning a war that will probably ensure skynet drones will appear at my house first just to piss me off. Something I would find funny if it weren’t for the fact there is a company called Skynet and they are building drones. (I didn’t give this page that tagline for nothing y’know)

Anyway this has relevance for one reason. in the absence of my beloved tower PC i had to use my mothers dilapidated laptop, which was one of those deals where you had to instantly Ctrl+alt+del when you booted up in order to try to close down the multitude of shitty virus programmes before the computer decided to restart and you had to do it all over again. One night I was working away when my mother asked me what I was doing, I told her that I had been made aware of Operation Ore, an on-going police investigation, and the speculation that the naming of high profile paedophiles within the labour cabinet was being used by Bush as a tool to blackmail Blair into war. She politely asked me not to use her computer to write letters to my MP, calling for questions to be asked in parliament as to why this was being covered up, and I kind of suddenly realized that the subject, for a lot of people, is too much to handle. There were hundreds of conflicting theories at the time as to why Blair was losing grip on power and possibly saw a war in Iraq as the solution to whitewash the cash-for-honours scandal, the allegations of strange pagan, quasi masonic rites and religious practices within number 10, and strange circumstances leading up to the so called “War on Terror”. as i was aware of Operation avalanche within the unites states, I felt this was worth investigating. The sordid tale I was about delve into was at once both unbelievable and obvious.

in the years preceding 1999, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation ran an operation called “operation Avalanche” This started when the Dallas Police and the U.S. postal inspection service raided the offices of “Landslide Productions” in Forth Worth. They confiscated the records of thousands of people all over the globe who were suspected in using the firm for chid pornography.  This was whilst a man with a history of rampant Drug use, military desertion and what the vast majority of people would term a ‘deviant’ sexual lifestyle, George W. Bush was the governor of Texas. (let us not forget that whist president, George Bush was shown to be bringing gay porn stars into the white house to fraternize with his guests) The investigation led to the breaking up of a well staffed child porn ring and the investigation of over 35,000 individuals whose credit cards had been used to access online services such as landslide.

In 1999, the FBI concluded its investigation and as for all intents and purposes operation Avalanche was a closed case. Because of this FBI felt it was pertinent to hand it’s evidence over to the Metropolitan force of the united kingdom, as there were several names thrown up by operation avalanche that the British Police would want to follow. The Met subsequently launched “Operation Ore”, an international investigation of child pornographers and paedophiles run by Britain’s National Criminal Intelligence Service. It was the largest investigation of it’s kind ever to be conducted in the UK and focused primarily on those persons whose names the FBI had handed over to the Met. Of 7,250 suspects identified by the FBI, 1,850 were subsequently criminally charged and an eventual tally of 1,451 were criminally convicted. around 500 were questioned as suspects and at the time of the ‘Blair intervention’ (which we will get to in a moment) there were still 900 individuals under investigation, as of early 2003, it was being reported that the Met were beginning to close in on some of the higher profile suspects in the case, including high ranking members of the Blair Government.

In early-2003, The Sunday Times was given a list of suspected paedophiles either under investigation, or wanted for questioning in connection with using credit cards to access child pornography on the internet according to Operation Ore. The list was quoted by several sources as containing; “The former chairman of one of the City’s biggest firms of stockbrokers, a senior director of a well known drinks company, a millionaire business colleague of one of Britain’s best-known entrepreneurs, a director of one of the country’s biggest construction companies, a prominent City PR man who acts as an intermediary between boardrooms, the media and the government. He said last week that police had not visited his home, a former director of one of the world’s biggest pharmaceuticals companies. a senior partner at a multinational accountancy firm, a top executive at a large manufacturing company. Others on the list include a senior teacher at an exclusive girls’ public school, services personnel from at least five military bases, GPs, university academics and civil servants. Many are married and respected members of their local communities.
www.sundaytimes.co.uk” (registration required, and obviously now redacted) It was at this point that Blair used one of Britain’s most draconian practices  the D-Notice, to shut down and prohibit all further reporting on the subject under the penalty of imprisonment. Unfortunately for Blair, he was unable to do this quick enough to save the hide of his closest personal advisor, Philip Lyon.

Lyon worked in the Upper Table Office, where he met MPs, the Speaker, and Deputy Speaker while checking parliamentary questions and administering early day motions. “He needed skills in computing and the internet,” said Ms Karmy-Jones. “He is an intelligent individual, and knew full well what he was doing.” When first interviewed, he allegedly told police he did not distribute material – “I just look at pictures.”

Ms Karmy-Jones told jurors: “This case is about child pornography – what others might call photos of child abuse. When I say child abuse, it may sound harsh, but it is the nature of these images which is central to the case. They are unpleasant and disturbing.”

She said the issue might be whether it was Lyon who downloaded the images. “We say it is clear he was that man.”                                     {…..}

Blair’s reasoning behind the issuing of the D-notice was that it would interfere with his lying in preparation for the lead up to the Iraq invasion. It was therefore technically issued under the dubious auspice of national security. But as one of several lists of convicted offenders within government shows, (edit: Original article redacted,reprinted here http://www.conspiracytruths.co.uk/mpscovictedofsexoffense.html) there was obviously no national security benefit to keeping this data hidden from the public, Tony Blair did it out of a simple fear that the known occult pedophilia running rampant in the halls of power would finally be exposed. As it is once again threatening to be a decade later.

The story did not immediately go away however. In the Sunday Herald of the 19th January 2003 it was reported by Neil McKay that senior members of Blair’s cabinet were under investigation on charges of pedophilia, and had confirmed via a senior source in British Intelligence (sic) that there were allegedly 2  high level cabinet ministers and possibly on former cabinet minister among the suspects and that a rolling cabinet committee had been set up to “deal with the fallout” of the investigation. It is not known whether or not one of the confirmed child abusers was Philip Lyon, thanks to the D-Notice it is also impossible to confirm who the source was, as Neil Mckay woud face serious jail time if he were to continue investigating and reporting on the story. At the time, before it was known that a D-Notice had been issued, London freelance Journalist Bob Kearly remarked:

“Whether or not a D-Notice has been issued is not clear. But based on some of the feedback I’ve been getting it’s apparent that editors and media owners have voluntarily agreed not to cover the story at this time. Operation Ore is still being reported, but not in regard to government ministers, and it’s taking up very few column inches on the third or fourth page. Don’t forget that the intelligence services are involved here, and Blair is anxious to ensure that the scandal does not rock the boat at a time when the country is about to go to war.”

And it is indeed possible to see exactly how the celebrity angle of Operation Ore was overstated as the Bair government and its ascorbic media focused in on the cases of people like Chris Langham, Pete Townshend, and more recently the now infamous Jimmy Savile case. Savile is someone to pay attention to, because his psychopathic lack of conscience actually allowed him to write about what he had been doing, and more explosively, how he got away with it:

“It is God’s truth that the absconder came in that night. Taking her into the office I said, ‘Run now if you want but you can’t run for the rest of your life’. She listened to the alternative and agreed that I hand her over if she could stay at the dance, come home with me, and that I would promise to see her when they let her out. At 11.30 the next morning she was willingly presented to an astounded lady of the law. The officer was dissuaded from bringing charges against me by her colleagues, for it was well known that were I to go I would probably take half the station with me…

“A notice for volunteers in the paper brought well over a hundred lady applicants, all determined to spend a night on the moors. The council had to decide which six, so they called a special meeting. Some of the members only then realised what they were doing. ‘We can’t have a council meeting to decide which six of our girls sleep with this man’, said several, more bewildered than outraged. So half the council left and half stayed. Six girls were selected and all of them were given matching mini skirts and white boots, as befitting a ceremonial bodyguard. They looked good enough to eat. I duly arrived in the town and it was the start of an incredible evening. The first thing was that the father of one of the girls arrived and hauled her off home. She protested loudly but dad would have none of this preposterous situation. For company I had brought along a millionaire pal who just didn’t believe my story. When he saw the crumpet his eyes shot out a mile and his total conversation for the evening was an incredulous ‘Are we kipping with them?’          Jimmy Savile “Love is an Uphill Thing” 1974

Understand what is being said here. “If I go down i could take half the station with me”, why? because paedophilia is rampant among freemasonic orders, and as a man who actively wore his knighthood around his neck, Savile would be well aware of which members of the judiciary and Police force he could ‘take down with him’ for also being paedophiles. As the vast preponderance of paedophile rings uncovered by Operation Avalanche show, these fuckers like to stick together. However having seen a lot of this happen before to feckless celebrities sick enough to engage in this kind of activity, I was incredibly interested to see exactly why Savile’s case was being highlighted and pushed to the forefront, which is when the hard nosed Journalist Phillip Scholfield handed a list of suspected paedophiles in the British Government to David Cameron live on air, and Cameron’s long trumpeted public speaking and PR skills deserted him for a brief moment, and the dreaded “oh shit” look came across his face.

Lord Robertson Takes Legal Action

Now if people reading this are having trouble digesting the fact the spurious details involved with this case point to Philip Lyon being merely one of many paedophiles practicing their perversions out of the Houses of Parliament, things get even more shadowy when one begins to look at the Thomas Hamilton case of the Dunblane Massacre. In 1996 Thomas Hamilton, a mentally unstable Freemason who had already been investigated by Scotland Yard under allegations of child abuse, acquired a gun license, and went on to commit a massacre at the Dunblane primary school, ruthlessly killing most of the children in the grade one class.

Freemason paedophile coverup

after the enquiry, lead by freemason Lord Cullen was concluded, it was decided by the Scottish Office, the Crown Office and Lord Cullen himself advised that parts of the enquiry remain under a 100 year gag-order. These parts would not even be allowed to be referred to. This was again done under the ridiculous auspices of not wanting to distress family members of the victims. Media surrounding the information blackout was quick to reassure the pubic that this had nothing to do with wanting to conceal the circumstances under which Mr Hamilton had successfully gained a permit for 6 handguns, after previously being turned down for being deemed mentally unfit and having been involved in child sex investigations. After two years of the relatives of the victims the politicians and judiciary said they were trying to protect, campaigning agaist said politicians and judiciary for the release of  the restricted information, the Crown office decided to lift the ban on information, with the massive caveat that even this new uncensored version would be “edited”. Meaning they released fluff, the stuff they don’t want being talked about for another century (I.E. when these people are dead and can no longer be punished for their crimes) is still hidden.

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Peter Thiel’s Blood Work(ing)


Peter Thiel discusses using young blood to reverse the aging process

In my studies of South-American culture, particularly the earlier stages of the Inca and what has been classically labelled as the ancient sun kingdoms of the South America’s, one would find that the practice of ritual human sacrifice and blood drinking were commonplace, and there was only ever scant, quasi-religious explanations for it.More than just that however, the rituals and symbolic language that had grown up around the practice seemed to be speaking to Incan knowledge of blood-work. For example, before the moment of sacrifice when an Inca priest cut the heart out of the sacrificial victim, everything from the style of dress to the language used was meant to invoke pure fear in the heart of the victim. This was done because it was believed by the priests that if one was killed at the height of the adrenaline rush, the chemicals coursing through the blood, which was immediately drank by the priest, had the effect of reversing the aging process and empowering the drinker.

As I have covered elsewhere on this blog,In 1857, Bram Stoker wrote a thinly veiled expose of the notorious King of Wallachia, Vlad Teppisch. Vlad’s bloodline and it’s membership of one of the oldest chivalric societies in the world, ‘the Order of the Red Dragon’, was primarily responsible for Vlad’s occult esotericism and his obsession with blood letting and blood ritual. The most prominent member of that bloodline today would be Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, whose flag just happens to be the Red Dragon. The entirely kabbalistic and masonic nature of the Royal family is something that has been documented far better elsewhere than I could possibly do in a single page here, but the point remains, these dots are not difficult to join.

The continuing revelations surrounding Jimmy Savile, the depth of his connection to parliament and Royalty and the true nature of his Crowleyist ‘satanic’ ritual obsession has shown that this continuing practice of ritual sex majick, sacrifice and blood ritual, if it is being done anywhere, is being done by those who have deemed themselves the elite of our society and culture. Of course, a cursory glance of history shows that this has always been the case, until the occult revival of the 19th century occultism and esotericism was the sole preserve of the ultra upper class,there were popular versions for the masses sure, but it was the John Dee’s and Edward Kelley’s of this world who were channeling enochian angels and messing with the myriad grimoires and goetia for Kings, Queens and Emperors.

The Guardian: Can we reverse the aging process by putting young blood into older people?

It was only recently that French scientists gave this idea legitimate scientific grounds and showed that infusions of blood actually had the effect of promoting new cell growth and reversing cell damage, but the truth is that the practice has never gone away since ancient times and is as prevalent today amongst the elite and their caste as it was during the Incan shamanistic rituals, or the Sumerian and Akkadian sacrifices to Baal. (and if you think Baal worship is dead, ask yourself why three Arches from the temple of Baal at Palmyra were recently given pride of place in major metropolitan cities)

The question is often asked, why all the weird satanism in freemasonry? Why are VIP’s constantly being caught in snuff and child trafficking situations, and what is happening to staggering amount of children that disappear into masonic and sex trafficking networks each month?
Well, you might not want to face it, but this accounts for a surprising amount

The History of Jewish (Kabbalah) Ritual Sacrifice