Operation Ore Part 2: The Bryn Alyn Scandal and the Abuse of Care Homes by an Elite Paedophile Ring.

(This article is a continuation of part one: https://iamkare.wordpress.com/2012/11/11/operation-ore/)
Tom Watson asks the Prime Minister why “clear evidence of a powerful paedophile ring operating out of Parliament and number 10” was not followed up on.

Essentially I planned on only writing a short passage about the allegations that there were high level paedophile rings operating within the UK Government. With the focus on the Jimmy Savile case and the litany of allegations against the BBC, I felt it was maybe important to remember that these celebrities, though some of them obviously also guilty, were being hung out to dry once again in lieu of any real investigation being done into the allegation that as Tom Watson states, there are high level, powerful paedophile rings being run out of parliament and indeed number 10.

However recent events have left me in awe of the political media machine that is the UK Parliament, and especially it’s leader, Prime Minister Cameron. Nobody should now be in doubt of this mans media savvy. The game that has been played by these masters of PR is at once both incredible, and incredulous.

The Lord McAlpine Case

I ended the ‘de facto’ part one of this article by referencing the fact that the BBC Director General George Entwhistle had just resigned his post over the controversy caused by the current affairs programme Newsnight, and it’s allegations over the Waterhouse investigation into abuse at a care home in North Wales. More Specifically, it centers around the allegations that one of the abused children, Steve Messham, identified Lord McAlpine as one of his abusers, before later saying he had ‘mis-identified’ the peer. After Newsnight reiterated the allegation made although without naming the accused, social media set about its naming and re-posting campaign. As a result, Lord McAlpine threatened to sue anybody who repeated the allegation even if it was purely through ‘re-tweeting’ somebody else’s opinion. McAlpine even had a minor PR blitz of his own to counter the heat but the unfortunate fact for Mr McAlpine, was that these were not the first allegations of child abuse leveled squarely and firmly in his direction.



(Original Scallywag Article by Angus James, now deceased)

In the early 90’s, Scallywag magazine’s Angus James published the shocking revelations that the magazine was in possession of documentary evidence implicating Lord McAlpine, Derek Laud and Alan Beck, all prominent government members, of underage sex with young boys, specifically involving the abuse of children in the care of state care homes. The homes, collectively termed the ‘Bryn Alyn’ network, operated underage brothels out of care homes in Wrexham, Holyhead, Gwynedd, Shropshire and London and were accused of crimes with boys as young as 4 being used for prostitution. Turning over in excess of £12m a year, the homes were taking around £1,000 – 1,200 a week in public money, much of which went missing (440,000 alone in one month in 1987, according to Supt. Ackerly who was heading up the investigation) this money was spent on luxury apartments and flats in London and elsewhere. At the time of the Scallywag article, a suspect only named as Mr. X was on trial for heading the paedophile ring. Mr. X was linked to Mcalpine, Lord Kenyon, Wyn Roberts MP, Adam Mars-Jones (son of Justice Jones) and 6 police officers, one of which being “prominent Freemason” and former supt. Gordon Angelsea, all of whom were charged with raping a minor. Angelsea went on to sue Private Eye for the allegations, but they were reported in the Independent, HTV and the Observer. Scallywag notes, even in the early 90’s, that:

“No one has dared mention the name of Lord Mcalpine in connection with sex with an underage boy, even though there is in existence a sworn affidavit from the victim and a sworn police statement, and despite the fact that the police in the case against Mr X seem to take the victim seriously enough to use him as a chief witness for the prosecution”
Angus Young, Scallywag Magazine

Mr X, up until 1989 had operated with impunity and the Bryn Alyn network seemed to be immune from prosecution. The physical abuse at the homes in north Wales had been covered up by the police and despite the rumours ‘gushing’ out of these homes, rumours that the investigation showed the police were fully aware of, nothing was done to investigate them. The 146 allegations spanning a decade that came out of one home in Clwyd alone, caused Malcolm King, chairman of Clwyd’s social services at the time, to label it “the biggest failure to protect children in the history of Britain”. A former North Wales Police Authority Chairman claimed his call for an enquiry 6 years before the scandal were stifled, the Welsh coordinator for the National Association of Young People in Care, Alex Saddington, was beaten and had chemicals sprayed in his eyes, a local BBC journalist working on the case was burgled and in a shadowy prediction of modern times the most public of the abused boys, Steven Messham and Mark Humphries, were subject to intimidation and Messham in particular, was beaten up on more than one occasion. The allegations centred mostly on the aforementioned ‘prominent freemason’ George Angelsea and Mr X, and the investigation ended with Mr X prosecuted on 10 counts of sexual abuse. The files on Angelsea, and 5 other officers under suspicion, Sgt Mike Roach, Sgt Geraint Morgan, PC David Rogers, PC Peter Sharman and DC Gary Probert, were sent to the Crown Prosecution service. Their answer? As printed in Scallywag: “It is not in the pubic interest to prosecute these police officers” All of them were ‘early retired’, with commutations and pensions of course. It is worth noting that Angus Jones pointed out all of them were active freemasons, with the prominence of Angelsea being alluded to many times. In a strange twist, the tale of Mr X turned out to be decades older than first thought. His empire of child pornography and prostitution was run in a business-like fashion, his favourites being lavished with gifts and shopped around his brothels in London for his VIP clientele. Former Big Brother contestant Derek Laud was shown to be one of the men setting up private viewings of Mr X’s material in Winchester St., Pimlico. Under the nickname ‘Golly’, Laud had accompanied Michael Portillo and his wife with his boyfriend Michael Brown MP on their holidays, and as the nephew of Lord Pitt, Laud had reached such political heights as being the “black face pictured at the window” whist Thatcher was peeping through the curtains on the day she quit, as Angus Young puts it. He was alleged to have introduced the young Justin Fashanu to the seedier side of Westminster, before Fashanu began denying his own testimony in the scandal following the death of MP Steven Milligan, of which he claimed to have knowledge. Laud had holidayed with Peter Lilley, Chris Chataway and Jeffrey Archer, and was seen in fashionable spots entertaining people with known ties to Royalty. Laud appeared to be active in the paedophile network due to his ties to the infamous Dolphin square restaurant, where the Portillo’s dined frequently and which for a time, was under scrutiny by HM customs in relation to ‘intercepted paedophile material’. In his capacity as a PR executive, Laud had written speeches for Prince Charles and was a frequent visitor at conservative HQ, he was consistently mentioned during the testimony’s of the victims, along with Portillo and Michael Brown, and another slightly more sinister character by the name of Alan Beck, affectionately known around Westminster as ‘Sister Latex’. Laud had been shown in a News of the World article to be serving tea to Beck in a ‘skimpy frilly pinny’, but it was confirmed that he was a practising paedophile with the revelations of Stephen Hashim, who gave graphic testimony that Laud had brutally buggered him at the age of 13 when he was in the care of one of Mr X’s care homes, Greystones Heath in Merseyside. Alan Beck was equally singled out as a paedophile operating out of the Greystones home by a boy, fourteen at the time, named David Sellers. Beck had organised a holiday for the children of the home in 1982. Aided by one Alan Langshaw, a close friend of the same Stephen Norris convicted of chid abuse (who also went on the trip). After being raped by Beck whilst at the farm, Sellers gave a full horrific account of the attack to Wrexham police. After questioning, Beck was released. As Young stated This is almost certainly due to the fact that the man in charge was none other than Supt. Angelsea. It is by no means a radical assumption to state that all of these events show without question, that Mr X was providing rent-boys to high profile politicians, using Child protection Services as cover and being helped on by the police at the highest levels

McAlpine, though not named by Messham as his abuser, was not a name speculated upon lightly. In 1965, Mcalpine was cautioned by police for sexual offences with a minor, but it was the allegations made in a sworn affidavit by a witness named only ‘Paul’ that created the speculatory buzz around Mcalpine. Paul named Mcalpine as one of Mr X’s ‘most important clients’ and his testimony stated that he had been taken to Chester, dined in a restaurant, and then taken back to Bryn Alyn Summerhill care home, but not before Mcalpine stopped in a lay by for Paul to perform sexual acts on him. It was only when Brian Johnson Thomas wrote an article about Supt. Angelsea in Private Eye that a shattered Paul gained the courage to finally go to police and give evidence of his systematic abuse. At the time, Angus Young reported that along with the sworn affidavit given to Thomas, the police interviewed Paul for 2 days and took evidence pertaining to Paul’s positive identification of Mcalpine. This is why so many had pointed the finger at Mcalpine, the Bryn Alyn scandal had already thrown up his name in sworn testimony and singled him out as one of the enigmatic Mr X’s highest priority customers, and given his political power, this is understandable.

At the conclusion of the Waterhouse enquiry, Mr X was given a mere 6 years in prison. His identity is now known as one John Allen, who thanks to an investigation by the Mirror, it was revealed in 2012 that he was working at a family friendly Premier Inn, with none of his neighbours or co-workers being aware of his history as a dangerous paedophile and head of a child abuse empire to high class clientele. Two of his accusers were found dead in extremely suspicious circumstances, one during a period where Allen had absconded and was missing for 5 days. 36 new charges were brought against him after the Waterhouse trial, but they were dropped as the defence argued he would not receive a fair trial. Hardly a conclusion that puts the mind at ease.

The Subsequent Modern Cover Up

The issue here is not even necessarily these older cases that remain unsolved, or at least this is not the whole issue. Although the specific paedophile rings targeted appear to have been broken up and here and there a few of the main players who could not avoid prosecution have been sent to jail, even if it was only for 6 years, the problem remains that this was an intricately organised, expertly executed and incredibly well funded ring that embedded itself within a corporate structure to use TAXPAYER money to fund their perversions. This kind of thing does not crumble when one or two mid level figures and coordinators disappear. The entire point of the first part of this article was to point out that Operation Avalanche in the United States and Operation Ore highlighted very clearly that this ring has not only continued, it is now worldwide and possibly links in with many others. The reason that the majority of people are unaware of the extent of this abhorrent abuse in the halls of Westminster is that the media has dutifully taken the celebrity scapegoats and hung them out to dry. It’s easy to see how this has happened, especially when one looks at those conducting the cover up today and realises they were doing the same job in the late 1980’s

During his tenure as Welsh Secretary, it was inevitable that the Bryn Alyn scandal would land upon the desk of one William Hague. The Telegraph reported in 2012 that one of the victims of the North Wales care home case had directly accused Hague of Stifling the investigations reports, and stopped them specifically from investigating any allegations that widened the scope of the case beyond the care homes.

“When Mr Hague announced the Waterhouse Inquiry in 1996, he said its job was to “inquire into the abuse of children in care in the former county council areas of Gwynedd and Clwyd since 1974”. Mr Messham said the remit prevented Sir Ronald, a former judge, from looking into abuse outside the two areas but which was linked to staff at the care homes.“ ()

This is how the extent of Allen’s client base amongst VIP’s, and most importantly his empire of child abuse in London, was kept away from the media. the fact that John Allen only received 6 years and was able to get out of prison and lead an anonymous life afterwards is a testament to the fact that he either had powerful friends or possibly bottomless list of blackmail targets. Either way, he was allowed to essentially get away with his crimes with the lightest of punishments despite the mass of testimony against him. This goes directly back to Hague’s remit, and his protests that it was “agreed t in parliament” is absolutely no defence. In the interests of being thorough and basic public safety it makes logical sense for an inquiry to look for links outside the basic remit of the case, it takes a deliberate wish for these links to remain undiscovered, to order that their investigation be stopped. Is it possible Hague had political ties to those he was protecting, or is there a more sinister reason for a minister to restrict the boundaries of an inquiry so that despite the testimony of hundreds of victims, the Waterhouse inquiry was able to rule that there was no paedophile ring? The MP Tom Watson has since written to Mr Cameron outlining his disgust at Hague’s cover up. I back that assertion 100%

But this goes much farther than just Hague attempting to protect his political party. Whilst many in the Murdoch press and the mainstream media continue to adamantly deny there is any link between these cases, or that there is a high profile paedophile ring running rampant and unhindered through parliament, despite the fact that victims are still coming forward and talking about the parties they were dragged to where the elite had their pick of debauched spoils

A Former Victim tells his story of Elite Sex Parties he and other young Boys we’re kidnapped and brought to

But if Mr Hague and those wishing to stamp out this revelation before it sees the light of day were hoping that the sacking of George Entwhistle would signal the end of the search for the truth, they were dead wrong. North Wales police, in the light of the allegations against many high profile abusers, are beginning to realise that the North Wales care home scandal has never gone away, and al it take is a little support for the victims to be able to stand up and be counted.

But all of this inevitably begs the question. How far does this go? Is there really a chance of the highest level of exposure and flushing those who have abused their power in this most disgusting way out of the system, having them actually pay for their crimes.

What was Jimmy Savile REALLY Up To?

Ironically, Newsnight may yet be vindicated simply because their original exposure of the Savile case and the following debacle of the way they handled the testimony of Steve Messham. When it was shown that Savile had links to the Haute de la Garenne school in Jersey, that had been under investigation for a horrific level of institutionalised abuse and acting as an ‘offshore’ paedophile haven, things began to click into place for many researchers.

in 2000, the half brother of Angus James, who had mysteriously died in Cyprus whilst investigating more claims of child abuse in care homes, Simon Regan, wrote a letter documenting Scallywags investigation into the Bryn Alyn scandal, and how its implications were continuing to reverberate. The letter (available here) is a startling condemnation of those involved in the cover up. and it continues, Key investigator Andrea Davison, who had kept the ‘dissapeared’ testimony of the victims and their high profile abusers had her notes and documents seized by north Wales police in january 2010. Davison was in a prime position to pull the trigger on such well known masochists as Jonathan Aitken, who’s aide was the same Steven Milligan as aforementioned, who was fund tied to a chair with a Satsuma in his mouth. In the same year it was revealed that Thatcher’s close aide Sir Peter Morrison was one of the high profile figures implicated in the Bryn Alyn scandal, and it became even more clear that Hague was either criminally inept or wilfully neglectful of the evidence.

Davison was essentially continuing the Scallywag investigation into the care home scandal, along with journalist Peter Sawyer, they continued gathering evidence on care homes and another Scallywag scandal, one that Ken Livingstone had also talked about, exposing that MI5 had taken foreign diplomats to the homes and filmed them in compromising positions with boys for later use in blackmail

Ken Livingstone talks about MI5 using child abuse as blackmail

They allegedly had testimony incriminating fraud squad officer Stephen Winnard, senior judges, celebrities and politicians, along with explosive testimony incriminating the duke of Westminster. But as always, we see the same names involved in the cover up. It was Stephen Winnard himself who arrested Andrea in 2010. This could have been because of the fact that Savile’s limousine was one of the cars used for the transport of the victims to their high profile abusers (coincidence?) but it was more likely due to Winnard own vested interest in shutting her up, especially given the fact jimmy Savile owned an engraved table emblazoned with the message “To Jimmy Savile from his friends at the Fraud Squad”.

The fact that Savile was also clearly linked to the Jersey House of Horrors scandal is obviously something that the government do not want publicised, at it begins to show the links between these cases and thus, the extent of the network running them. As the extent of Saviles crimes become apparent, it begins to explain for example, why there were dead bodies found. Savile was a occultist, a necrophiliac, and when one digs to the real root of the systematic child abuse problem, one too often finds that at the base of it are the Freemasons, conducting their ludicrous theatrics and occult rituals as they always have.

When Operation Yew Tree published its joint report with the NSPCC in January 2013, entitled “Giving Victims a Voice”, it was nothing more than a whitewash, highlighting low level instances of abuse and hiding the higher levels. It is part of a calculated cover up, to publish an incomplete investigation and have the media report on it because Savile’s links go right to the very highest levels of society. Prince Charles’ relationship with Savile was forged in the 70’s when the two worked with children’s wheelchair charities. When Savile was acting as “marriage counselor” to Charles, the prince’s PR Dickie Arbiter said of his conduct:

“He would walk into the office and do the rounds of the young ladies taking their hands and rubbing his lips all the way up their arms if they were wearing short sleeves. If it was summer [and their arms were bare] his bottom lip would curl out and he would run it up their arms. This was at St James’s Palace. The women were in their mid to late 20s doing typing and secretarial work.”()

So what of Charles? Savile stated he was introduced to the Royal family in ‘66 through Lord Mountbatten, a known paedophile and it had long been suggested that Prince Phillip is a practicing paedophile. Along with Savile’s stories of sneaking young girls into the Duke of Edinburgh’s home it was also alleged by Greg Hallett in his book “Hitler Was a British Agent” that Phillip was a paedophile, and David Icke, a man who blew the whistle and remained consistent for years about Savile’s involvement in elite paedophile rings, does not mince his words on the subject:

As Icke notes, Mountbatten is widely regarded as Charles’ mentor, and with the allegations and circumstantial evidence surrounding Phillip, One could easily state that Charles is aware of these activities, if not partaking in them himself. It certainly cannot be ignore that as recently as 2008, Paul Kidd, a butler working for the royal family for 9 years was unmasked as a dangerous sexual predator that was running a child prostitution ring whist serving the Royal Family. With MI5’s now known connections to child abuse rings such as the Bryn Alyn network, can it truly be comprehended that this mans activities went un-noticed by the Royals intelligence services for 9 years? Is it not more circumstantially viable to suggest that they may have in fact been supporting an promoting Kidd?
These speculations aside, what is now known is that Savile was working as a procurer not only for himself, but for several high profile members of the Paedophile network he was working for, and as he stated in an interview with esquire: “The thing about me is I get things done and I work deep cover.”. Savile’s own Nephew has come forward and revealed the extent of Savile’s procurement and the high class of his co-abusers.

So why is this being covered up? Well the public outcry at the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, both in her favour and vehemently against, was missing a key point in it mainstream media coverage. Not only was Thatcher’s closest advisor Sir Peter Morrison accused of using the Haute De La Garrene school, but her predecessor, Ted Heath, was singled out and labelled as a prime suspect by former spy and Barrister Michael Shrimpton.

Shrimpton is certainly not the first to make these allegations. Heath was warned by police on four separate occasions for loitering around London’s lavatories looking to pick up young boys, and in the wake of the Haute De La Geranne scandal, details once again emerged of Heath predilection, and the fact that when one connects the dots, it becomes clear that Savile was procuring boys for Heath to abuse and then allegedly murder on-board his luxury yacht. This is why when revelations first surfaced about the child abuse and murder happening at the Haute De La Geranne home, Savile quickly pursued legal action against the Sun for linking him to the scandal, claiming he had never even been to the home;

These are the links that must not be made in the mainstream media, for it is these links that show the extent, the power and the reach of this powerful occult ring of Freemasonic paedophiles. This is why all of this information as come out in different media articles, which must be reconstituted into a single narrative that explains the entire situation. It is possible that more will be revealed now that Thatcher is dead and buried and cannot be prosecuted for clearly covering up facts she absolutely had to have known.

(To Be Continued……)

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  1. Fascinating and terrifying. Edward Heath. Makes me glad I’m an atheist, because this must be a hell of a way to find out there is no god. I really enjoyed both your articles on Operation Ore, and it’s a real resource to have these various video and radio links. Brilliant research, man .

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