Trump’s Greater Israel will be the Greatest Israel of All Time…

The time may have come to finally bring the Rothschild’s out of the conspiratorial closet and into the forefront, because what happened today in terms of the U.S. embassy in Israel is perhaps the boldest move Trump’s profit-masters have made on the global stage in quite some time.
About 12 months ago I was being accused of being a Trump supporter, mostly because of the veracity with which I denounced Hillary Clinton. Many couldn’t understand that a vitriolic hatred for one candidate by no means meant support of another, but knowing Clinton’s policies, history, the shady dealings of her foundation and the litany of actually legitimately suspicious dead bodies left in her political wake, there really was no other choice than to pick whoever was running against her.

I did at the time however try to point out that Trump was by no means a lesser evil, there was absolutely no justification whatsoever to vote for Hillary, despite Trump being an inexperienced, narcissistic sociopath the practical and immediate inevitability of a Clinton presidency were far too despicable to entertain, so it was better to go with the man who might fuck the country over in a few years time than go with the woman who would have immediately started world war three by purposefully creating a situation where the US shot down Russian planes and kicked off a possible nuclear confrontation.

Now I’m not right about anything more than anyone else, but I do try at least to maintain some level of political and intellectual consistency on these issues, so here’s what I said in April about Trump’s election:
“it’s important to remember not only who benefits from the balkanization of the middle-east, but also who Donald Trump ultimately owes his fortune, and thus his allegiance to.
While many pointed to Hilary Clinton as the extending and encroaching arm of the banking industry and pointed to shadowy proofs of connections to criminal cabals, (many of which were true) it is Donald Trump who is on the documented financial record as being billions in debt to the Rothschild dynasty through their intervention in the Resorts International scandal. A company which, nobody ever seems to remember, was exposed years later as being a front for the CIA… the first person Trump invited to his stupid golden house was the notorious terrorist Benjamin Netenyahu. Trump was the wrong answer to the right question”

What I was attempting to point out there (whilst not straying into Ken Livingstone territory) was that whilst Wilbur Ross might be more famous at the moment for his exploits in dealing with Russia:

The far more relevant event in the Ross/Trump relationship comes in 1990, the L.A. Times characterises the event thusly

The future president-elect at one time owned a quarter of Atlantic City’s casino market. But Trump was heavily in debt, and he started missing bond payments on his — and Atlantic City’s — largest casino, the Taj Mahal, in 1990.

Ross, then an investment banker working for Rothschild Inc., helped bondholders negotiate with Trump, whose finances were unraveling. The final deal reduced Trump’s ownership stake in the Taj but left him in charge, and bondholders were unhappy when Ross presented the plan.

“Why did we make a deal with him?” one asked, according to Rosenberg’s book.

Ross insisted that Trump was worth saving.

“The Trump name is still very much an asset,” he said.

Trump himself proved to be less of a sure bet. Though the agreement allowed Trump to soldier on in Atlantic City, his casinos landed in bankruptcy court twice more.

What is keenly left out of the L.A. Times article, As Michael Collins Piper (American Free Press) points out in his article Who Towers Behind Trump?, is that before Trump acquired a 93% voting stock in Resorts International, the chain behind the Taj Mahal, it was a CIA front organisation operating under the name Mary Carter Paint which, as the Spotlight Magazine article Piper cites investigating the ‘bondholders’ had as their investors:

• Meyer Lansky, the acknowledged “chairman of the board” and chief financier of the underworld gambling syndicate, who maintained his own longstanding ties to not only Israel and the Mossad, but also the CIA and the American intelligence community (and who was another figure in the JFK assassination – ed.);

• David Rockefeller, head of the Rockefeller financial empire, who provided his family’s clout and CIA and global banking connections to assist in the operation;

• The Investors Overseas Service (IOS), then the world’s largest flight-capital conglomerate, controlling assets worth $2.5 billion.

• Tibor Rosenbaum, who was not only the Mossad’s Swiss-based chief financier behind covert arms deals but also the head of the Banque De Credit Internationale of Geneva, the Lansky syndicate’s chief European money laundry; and

• Baron Edmond de Rothschild of the European banking family and a personal business partner of Rosenbaum in Rosenbaum’s Mossad-related ventures ranging far and wide; and lastly,

• William Mellon Hitchcock, one of the heirs to the Mellon family fortune (one of America’s largest private family fortunes, which, for many years, has also maintained close ties with the CIA).

In 1987, upon the death of longtime CIA front man James Crosby, the nominal head of Resorts International, up-and-coming young New York real estate tycoon Donald Trump stepped into the picture and bought Crosby’s interest in the gambling empire.

Not only does The Spectator note the clear influence of the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties on Resorts International, after Donald Trump had run them into the ground over the course of 3 years it was Wilbur Ross, acting on behalf of N.M Rothschild & Sons. where he ran the bankruptcy-restructuring advisory practice, who stepped in to save Trump’s investment and allow him to continue operating, as is documented in the Light & Weber article of March 22nd 1992 printed in Bloomberg. Far be it from me to spend any more of this blog disparaging the good nature of the CIA, but should one take the informational nodes of the Mossad, The Rockefeller’s, the Rothschild’s and the CIA’s near mythical status at the helm of every underworld illicit black market trade operating on American soil and its status as a de facto SS in America, it is by no means a stretch of the imagination to suggest that whether named Mary Carter Paint or Resorts International, the chain never gave up it’s status as a CIA front company and Trump was allowed to continue as the figurehead of the operation purely because, as Wilbur Ross stated, “The Trump name is still very much an asset,”

We’re now a century on from the Balfour declaration and in a relatively short few decades we’ve matured from a position where anyone who brought up the name Rothschild and Balfour in the same sentence was loudly shouted down by the ADL who violently waved the protocols of the Elders of Zion as a defence, to a position where Jacob Rothschild openly goes on television and expounds the virtues of his familial dynasty convoluting and executing the entire proposal.

It has been noted by a few mainstream outlets that the main backer, if not the sole backer of Trump’s embassy move which comes in the seeming absence of any public pressure from Netanyahu or the Israeli state and much to the chagrin of European, Asian and Middle-Eastern partners, is Trump’s largest financial campaign donor, Sheldon Adelson. As Mondoweiss reported:


Eli Clifton notes that Sheldon Adelson– who along with his wife Miriam are Trump’s biggest donors at $35 million — has expressed impatience with the Trump administration’s failure to move the embassy, and expressed fury when Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he was opposed to the move.

Adelson’s own newspaper in Nevada said that Adelson was nettled by Trump’s hesitancy to move the embassy, in October. While the Times of Israel said that Adelson was so pissed last spring, that he had shut off the “spigot” of cash to Trump.

Trump has a history of pleasing Adelson, which Clifton has documented:

Trump dramatically changed his message on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in particular, saying that he would move the embassy to Jerusalem and wouldn’t call for a freeze on the construction of illegal settlements in the West Bank, as he closed in on the nomination and sought to secure Adelson’s support for his general election campaign.

The failure to talk about Sheldon Adelson’s influence is scandalous when you consider that Adelson did the same thing in the George W. Bush Administration, 18 years ago. Alarmed by the possible division of Jerusalem at Camp David in 2000, neoconservatives including Douglas Feith founded a group called One Jerusalem. Adelson gave money to that group. And at least tons of money to the Republican campaign for the White House, too. And lo and behold, Feith was installed at the Pentagon in a policy-making position. And the “peace process” was backburnered, till Condoleezza Rice demanded Annapolis, and Elliott Abrams fought her every step of the way…

It was only 7 years ago that Adelson became embroiled in yet another CIA honeytrapping scandal, when a Beijing produced report fingered Casino’s owned by the magnate in Macau as fronts for blackmailing and entrapping Chinese officials. His allegiance to Zionist aims in Israel, Mossad and the CIA are worn on his sleeve as much as they publicly can be and they connect a paper trail that elucidates why Trump would push ahead with the kind of Armageddon inducing geopolitical event that the moving of the Embassy and the De Facto U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital city of Israel.

The endgame is the Israeli takeover of the dome of the rock for the prophesied construction of the third temple. Despite all protestations to the contrary,  the Israeli state and it’s Rothschild owners will not be happy until they have reclaimed what they consider to be the holiest site in their Kabbalistic religion, they have continued the preparations erstwhile. They have proclaimed the birth of the prophesied Red Heifer (a whole host of them infact), the vessels and relics and furnishings have been made and are in storage, and even the final priests have been selected;

A significant step was recently taken towards reinstating the Temple service when the nascent Sanhedrin selected Rabbi Baruch Kahane as the next Kohen Gadol (high priest). The selection was made as a precaution for Yom Kippur. If the political conditions should change, allowing the Jews access to the Temple Mount, they will be required by Torah law to bring the sacrifices. Rabbi Kahane is confident that if that should happen, Temple service could begin in less than one week.

And that is the point. The Mossad’s lap-dog ISIS have done their work in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq and are now retreating so that the political conditions can change and the Rothschild’s can use their billion dollar golden name in letters to bring about The fulfilment of the Balfour declaration and the Zionist agenda in Jerusalem.


Pizza, Presidio and Psy-ops: Part 2

Although I’m yet to be able to recover the post I wrote about the fallacy of Pizzagate and how it turned some of the more revealing aspects of the Podesta leaks into a circus sideshow for mass media consumption, one that was successfully able to throw water on the fire building beneath the exposure of the occult networks behind much of the intelligence honeytrapping and blackmail networks, the point I made in that post of not throwing out the baby with the bath water still stands.

Whether or not Seymour Hersch is right when he points the finger at Seth Rich for the DNC leaks and being the Wikileaks source is becoming increasingly irrelevant as a topic. It’s obvious that despite the twisting self-destructive Manafort/Russia scandal that the American left are choosing as their hill to die on, there really is no fire behind the smoke as far as Trump is concerned. If anything the Democrats are going to fall on their own sword if they pursue the matter any further, but that does not mean that they will necessarily stop pursuing it or order their political arms in the mainstream media to back off, because they fear what lurks beneath. The reason that mainstream media has focused almost entirely on the near mythical Russian origin of the Steele dossier or the DNC hack and not the actual information covered in those documents is simply that they can’t afford to even begin to pick apart the level of criminality present in those documents, lest the entire house of cards fall, if you’ll excuse the pun.

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Crimes of the Saxa-Gotha-Coburg: The Dutroux Case and the Mothers of Darkness

If you want to know how Saxa-Gotha-Coburg pedophile rings keep politicians in check in Britain, then check out the BBC exposing how the Saxa-Gotha-Coburg pedophile ring kept politicians in check in Belgium after the Michel Nihoul and Marc Dutroux case led all the way back to Chateu De Amerois back in the late 90’s.

The fact that both David Icke’s interviews with Arizona Wilder and Cathy O’Brian’s testimony focused on Chateau de Amerois (known to occult and child abuse ring researchers as the Mothers of Darkness Castle) is a lynch-pin piece of the puzzle in putting together how the Swiss house of Saxa-Gotha and Coburg are acting as the hidden hand behind both exoteric politics and the esoteric occult societies.

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Revelation of the Method; Seeding Ritual into Society

So the main question i get when talking about this stuff is, whats going on in the entertainment industry? The idea that certain artists like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jay-Z and Beyonce are involved in the ‘Illuminati’ and use their symbolism and thematic imagery all over their videos has become a meme in itself. So why would people who are a part of these secret orders who are supposed to keep doctrines secret, splash them all over the media?

A clusterfuck of mind control I will explain one day, I promise....

In the 17th century, the Chaldean Kabbalists found a new messiah, literally and figuratively, in Sabbat Zevi. Zevi was a fully initiated Blood Ritualist, pedophile and sacrificer. Zevi was tired of having to hide his religion, he wanted to be worshiped as the god he believed he was and live in a civilisation where the profane offered their children to him to sacrifice, instead of the secret orders having to do their deeds under the veil of secrecy.

In the same way that millions of republican Americans yearn for a return to Reagan, or the KKK yearns for a return to the plantation, or the British conservatives yearn for a return to Victorianism or indeed the Christians yearn for a return to the days of Eden, the Zevites yearn for a return to the days of Babylon, immediately preceding the revolution of moses and monotheism, where they openly ruled the most advanced civilisation the world had ever seen to that point.

The historical record of the practice of sacrifice is fairly well known. In Hebrew scripture, it is noted that the valley of Himmon, called Gehinnom in ancient times,  was known for many generations as the Tophet, an area at the foot of Mount Zion where the followers of Moloch and Baal would conduct child sacrifices. Similarly, the accounts of the Ancient Greek historians like Plutarch and Philo are replete with the practice and trace it’s movement west from the Chaldeas into Turkey and Tunisia through the Carthaginian empire . Deucalion states

“In former times they (the Carthaginians) had been accustomed to sacrifice to this god the noblest of their sons, but more recently, secretly buying and nurturing children, they had sent these to the sacrifice”

The Carthaginians were sacrificing to ‘Cronos’ (Saturn) who was otherwise known as the chief god of the Carthaginian pantheon, Bal Ammūn or Baal Hammon. The etymological links here are self evident. In 200 b.c., Tertullian wrote of how the Roman procurator had arrested and killed all the child sacrificing priests, although “That Holy crime persists in secret”. In Carthage too, the encroaching invasion of the Achaemenid Empire saw an end to the practice, although it continued in secret among the priest class.
It’s plain to see that in these civilizations, child sacrifice was an accepted norm. It was not imposed by the hierarchy as such, it was openly practiced by the entire civilisation. The parents were often to people doing the ritual, and it was often their firstborn or most beloved child who was sacrificed. It is this condition to which the Chaldean Kabbalists would have us all return..

 So how do they do it? How does a group of ritual magi gain control of a society like the west, that has been raised to believe that sin must be avoided and sacrifice, black magic and sexual ritual are ‘satanic’ and must be rooted out wherever they exist?

Well, as with most religions, the trick is in catching them young. So here’s a perfect example. Recently a video was released (probably dug up by Brad Pitts legal team) of Angelina Jolie talking at a party about the serpent rituals she was involved in as part of her own initiation process. In it, she specifically talks about the ritual use of pain and self harm as both a cleansing and a spiritual act.

Theologians will quickly recognise this as the doctrine of self flagellation, something brought to the awareness of millions of people in the work of Dan Brown and in particular, his portrayal of the quasi masonic secret society ‘Opus Dei’. Occultists will immediately recognise both the significance of the serpent ritual, and masonic/Buddhist/eastern mystic theologians will recognise the significance of the idea of ritual self harm as a way of mastering the senses and perfecting the self in order to reach the godhead. There is nothing stunningly new or revelatory about any of these doctrines. They are literally millennia old and can be studied from their inception to their modern day expression

So who is Angelina Jolie? Well, she is what you would call Hollywood royalty. As the Daughter of the now loudly Zionist lunatic, John Voight, Angelina is directly related to the Saxa-Gotha-Coburg family that comprise the majority of European Royalty, who’s centuries old interest and practice of Kabbalah need not be reiterated for emphasis again here. Her life story is full of memberships to occult groups, dabbling in everything from Wicca to enochian sex ritual, so much so that the true history of the covens and lodges she has had membership of and how she has been used is probably too horrific to bear thinking about. (See Cathy O Brian) Her first marriage to Billy Bob Thornton was notable for its coverage of their blood ritual and interest in tantra and the like. She was splashed all over the ‘lads mags’ and coveted for her beauty by fashionistas, she was built up as an icon.
It must be remembered, most of our modern day technology was invented by kabbalistic freemasons looking for magical effects. Television was invented when John Logie Baird attempted to build a spirit box to channel enochian ‘angels’. Radio was appropriated from Tesla by the Masons who similarly thought, as Tesla did, that the medium could be used to contact spiritual entities. The masons used these inventions the same way they used the popularisation of the Ouija board and stage magic during the occult revival of the 1800’s. They used them to spread and plant their philosophy into the public consciousness. They replaced the magic wands made of Holly wood and Illusions they used in centuries past with one huge illusion called Hollywood and built huge corporations like MGM, Disney and universal to continue their occult worship of the goddess Media, slowly but surely seeding their philosophy out by continually reinforcing particular archetypal rituals and mystery plays on screen called ‘movies’ and ‘television’ and continually reinforcing their world view through ‘NEWS’. When everything from music to art became corporatised, there was no need for the Kabbalist societies and the masons to infiltrate these outlets, as ever since the enlightenment the predominant artists and musicians had either come from the secret orders, or were patronised and then initiated by them. Art and music have to an extent, become a self replicating kabbalistic entity, given how everything from the perspective ratios and thematic symbolism we revere in art to the musical scales and the vibrational frequency of an ‘A’ we use in music have come directly from the study of Kabbalah in the secret societies.
So after she became popular and ‘relevant’ by playing the role of the whore of Babylon, selling herself as a ritual sex object, she began starring in illuminist mystery plays, everything from full blown Illuminati allegories like ‘Tomb Raider’, to glorification’s of secret intelligence orders like Salt, Mr and Mrs Smith. She even went full bore Disney Witch in Maleficent. Her filmography is very enlightening when looked at through the lens of the Kabbalist, just like Madonnas music videos are very different when that lens is focused.
So after Brad Pitt was finished with another member of Hollywood royalty, Jennifer Aniston, he and Jolie were paired up and while he continued his kabbalistic initiation in movies like ‘Babel’ and ‘Tree of Life’, Angelina became a ‘humanitarian advocate’ for the UN where she was sent (history of blood ritual sex magick and all) into areas of great poverty and destruction and immediately set about facilitating adoptions, building children’s homes and herself adopting a whole bunch of kids. Something Madonna also did. In the context of what we have discussed here, ill leave it up to you to decide what you think these homes are for, and who these child adoptions are going to,
Its important to realise that in many ways, our celebrity culture has been just another manifestation of the apparently ingrained human need for religion. In the age of the atheist, we have begun to refer to it as the cult of celebrity because it displays all the tenets of a cultist religion. It invokes worship and derision, there are idols and icons, it has its own exoteric moral code in what we have labelled ‘liberal PC culture’ and even its own secret dark lodge in Scientology and other related Crowleyist, quasi masonic orders. We hold these people up to specific public scrutiny and they become saints, martyrs or devils according to how they are portrayed by media, and we crucify them when they fall from grace. This is religion folks, its scandalized, hyperbolic, capitalist religion, but it’s religion nonetheless.

It would seem that through generations of reiteration, our moral structure has evolved to essentially be one that promotes altruism at best, and survival at worst, but in the argument of nature verses nurture we see a clear indication that although humans appear to learn altruism through maturity, it is easy to subvert that maturity by cutting a human being off from his natural mental evolution that occurs through interaction and the realisation of the need to live in co-operation with his ecosystem and more importantly, his peer group, and instead forcibly teach a doctrine, whether it be some form of self supremacy or religious indoctrination, that ‘liberates’ the individual from the burden of that responsibility. This is what the Cremation of Care ritual carried out at Bohemian Grove every year is about. It is a religion of absolving the individual for the moral crimes he must commit to advance the great work. There can be absolutely no doubt of the similarity to Bohemian Grove and the Tophet.

022516d1 tumblr_n8hevp8xcj1qdoy52o1_500

The Bohemians and the Kabbalists of this world realised long ago that the grip of the church was slipping and that the mass media was the alter at which people would pray, the church through which the public would gain their worldview and set their moral code. Knowing this, they were the ones, through their control of the vast masonic network,  who ensured that they would be disseminating the worldview by ensuring they were the ones who created and controlled the media and its outlets. This is how they would begin Alice Bailey and Aleister Crowley’s great ‘Externalisation of the Hierarchy’, by using the media as the fountainhead from which the revelation of the method would occur.

So when we hear someone like Jolie talk about the occult practice of cleansing through pain, it is important to look at how that has been seeded into out own culture and understand that this is not an actress talking about wild parties, its a black magician talking about occult ritual. One of the reasons I initially became so interested in this subject as a whole is that I myself fell headlong into one of the archetypal straight off the production line sub-cultures that I was unwittingly given to choose from. I was a ‘metalhead’, straight out of the 80’s, I was weaned on Metallica and Megadeth, I bought Metal Hammer and Kerrang! and chewed them up. I got into tribal warfare with dance music fans and as I became ever more elitist and arrogant about my own ‘taste in music’ I found myself reading books about my icons and dressing in black, embracing gothdom and all the horrific Emo-ness it entailed, I began being loudly atheist and bashing religions of every stripe, I became a quasi communist ironic satanist, because that’s what my ‘heroes’ were, anachronistic to popular culture and a contrarian in every sense. Thing is, you know exactly what I’m talking about, you all knew someone like me, you probably still do, hell I know a fucking shit-ton of them, we all used to go to the same gigs, and that’s because we were a herd, a group of people who were attracted to one of the many cookie cutter counter culture’s offered by the corporate magi. That kind of thing has been going on since the so-called counter culture first gained traction.

And that’s really the point. You’ll be glad to know I’m somewhat recovered now. Somewhere in the mess of misanthropy I discovered that what I actually liked about Metallica and Megadeth and Dreamtheater was their incredibly well crafted classically inspired but brutal thrash metal, so I left the counter culture behind and turned my obsessive brain toward the noble and spiritual craft of learning to play it on the guitar, and then I started writing my own music and got together with some amazing dudes who want to do the same thing, and now I am writing my own classically inspired yet brutal heavy metal and yes, widely grinning as I write that. But tangent aside, the baggage of reading Anton LaVey and Eliphas Levi and Alister Crowley never left me, and the more my academic venture into studying history began to wander into specifically studying masonic and occulted history and indeed, the history of the occult, I began to realise that there was a connection between the seemingly ubiquitous satanic imagery in heavy metal and the generally atheist attitudes, misanthropic worldview and extremely anti-christian vibe it tended to put out. I remain an ardent agnostic these days, so stepping back from the clique-ishness of it all I was able to look back and see how the popular media surrounding the subculture had endlessly divided the entire art into smaller sub-genres and how tribalistic everyone became about their chosen style. I was able to re-read the lyrical output and biographies of my heroes and recognise that actually, these people for the most part were not ironic Satanists at all, they were new-agers, they were theosophists, they were kabbalists, they spoke about Blavatsky and Crowley, the super famous ones understood their role and the wider role of art in the revelation of the method and they were willing to work with the right producers, promote the right image and revel in it all as the freedom of artistic expression, the same way that Lady Gaga does when she attends ‘spirit cooking’ dinners with Marina Abrahmovic. I re-read seemingly incoherent and obscure interviews in magazines like Kerrang! with people like Marilyn Manson or Tool and was suddenly able to go ‘holy shit, THAT’s what they were talking about’ or ‘So this is why they keep writing stories about that Norwegian Metal band that burned down the church’ etc.

One thing I noted specifically was that new-age mysticism was heavily promoted, in the more blatant examples like Mr. Manson, the promotion of the new age and it’s direct birth from Kabbalist movements like theosophy is sprawled out for anyone with the eyes to see. Like the Iommi’s and Paige’s before him, Brian Warner’s entire career is a masterwork in the revelation of the method. The other band I mention, Tool, are a far more intricate working. They are quick to humor when the Crowleyist aspect of their music is pointed out and indeed some of their merchandise is poking fun at the fact. But they are at the same time a band obsessed with sacred geometry and mapping it to music. Their music and artwork is a multilayered experience whose full understanding can be considered an initiatory process in itself, that is, after all, the entire point. Both Mariyln Manson  and Tool are great examples of musicians who understand and view their music and careers as an act of alchemical transmutation and who view it as a privilege to have their art externalise the hierarchy. In relative terms Manson is a Jackson Pollock, whereas Tool are a Da Vinci but that is no slight on either, they are both playing a role.

But I do have some personal experience of how this can manifest into some bad choices, and it will allow me to come full circle and explain why I pointed to this particular revelation about Angelina Jolie in the first place and what it has to do with revelation of the method.
In those halcyon teenage spikey haired 90’s goth days I was telling you about before, I began to notice a disturbing trend. Rock and Metal moved away from the high concept influences of Rush and Dreamtheater, the hard realism of Metallica or the anti authoritarianism of Megadeth, into the social awareness of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Rage Against the Machine, but it increasingly moved from dealing with real world issues to personal ones, specifically parental abuse or neglect. There arose, around the pop-culture metal scene at least, a culture of first focusing on then kind of uncomfortably glorifying the most angst ridden, semi-cathartic, depressive content. as a result, the culture surrounding it became more and more misanthropic, depressive and nihilist. There was a sudden epidemic of depressed Emo’s and goths, all tribalistically fighting over their particular sub-genre and all pretending to be wiccans or being obsessed with vampires or zombies or death. As I’ve said, I had the candles in my room, the skull ashtray, I had pentagrams on everything and some offensive T-shirts. I read some weird books and pretended, despite my pretty sheltered upbringing, that I hated the world and nothing my parents had done was right and I was depressed. One of the things I had remembered a singer in Kerrang! talking about was cutting herself. How it released endorphin’s and acted like and anti-depressant, so at the times when I was at my most misanthropic and ‘depressed’ I would do the same. I’m not ashamed to admit that nowadays because to be honest, it was no more than a few times and I cottoned on pretty quickly that it didn’t seem like a very constructive way to deal with my perceived problems. What it did do however, was to give me some small appreciation for how such a ritual could become obsessive. Channeling and focusing that angst and then having that moment of ritual release was addicting. It was pleasurable on some level, the endorphins were definitely released.
Looking back having read the primary texts and seen how these ideas are seeded into popular culture, having gone through theosophy all the way to ritual sex magic I can look back and see that for exactly what it was. I can see how the idea of spiritual release or soul cleansing through bloodletting was presented in an entirely benign fashion through a magazine, and how if I were a little more impressionable or had actual problems to deal with, I could see how I could end up getting into this kind of ritual behavior, reading material that explains it and then seeking out other people who read the same stuff.

The Guardian:NHS figures show ‘shocking’ rise in self-harm among young

So when I see Angelina Jolie talking about bloodletting, taking care to make the distinction that it’s not sexual and not to be confused with S&M, I recognise what she’s talking about, and I know she has also read multiple Masonic and Crowleyist works on using ritual bloodletting and sexual magic to reach transcendental altered states of consciousness and make contact with the Godhead. This is the carrot offered to all initiates by the modern day priest class. I was lucky in that I wasn’t born into these cults. That stable upbringing I tried to rebel against allowed me to lock myself in a room until I learned all of “Master of Puppets”, Angelina’s upbringing forced her to interact with some of the most noted Kabbalists on the planet, there was really no escaping it for her.
She remains however, a perfect example of how artists, musicians and actors alike have for the most part, bought into the theology of Masonry, Kabbalah and Lucifarianism in general, and it lets us see how those at work behind them are using these media to externalise their moral code and their religious beliefs out into the wider mainstream. It truly works, through these icons, the theosophists can manifest their will with the consent of mainstream opinion, who don’t realise how that which divides us, gender, age, culture, raceis being manipulated to the extreme on all sides.

But remember, if you forget your PC code, there will always be a witch pushing the globalist agenda


Moving the Pawns: How the Banking System Seeks to Undermine the EU Referendum

The banks are a criminal cartel. They relied on the consolidation of the single market to run their fiat fractional reserve central banking  ponzi scam under the Europe wide protectionism of the EU. The ability to cut out negotiations with 28 separate nations states, each with their own GDP, market strengths and cultural biases by going above them to a Supra-national governing state, run by unelected ex-bankers and career politicians who’s pockets were lined with brown envelopes, was the fundamental reasoning behind the EU, and indeed the European Economic Council that preceded it. The interdependence of corrupt financial mechanisms this market encouraged, for example, the re branding of toxic debt packages as triple A and selling them on to other entities who were well aware of the toxicity of the debt on a global scale. This led to the notion that these banks were ‘Too big to fail”, because to expose the corruption in one would be to expose the corruption at the heart of all of them. This is why the most explosive financial scandal the world has ever seen, the LIBOR scandal, was quietly buried in the mainstream media.

When seen in the cold light of day, the logic of allowing multiple institutions who’s trade puts them in a position of great inherent power to merge into still more powerful institutions and then create a superstate governed by their own special interest representatives, can be seen as not even close to being logical in the slightest. It is obvious to even the most idiotic individual that to consolidate all that power in one place is to create a system that is ripe to be taken over by sociopaths, the power hungry, the corrupt. It is the equivalent of cocking a gun, leaving it on the floor and hoping the next person to pick it up doesn’t benefit from shooting you.

But Brexit was never about sound political philosophy, it was about fear on both sides of the offiical, sanitized, scandalized public debate and now that the referendum is over and the decision has been made, the Banksters are using their control over the mainstream to project the idea that the collapse of failing banks is a terrible thing that must be avoided at all costs, and that British people should now feel ashamed and responsible that these ailing and failing institutions are going to ‘have to’ move overseas or face not being able to pay their executives exorbitant salaries and bonuses for the job of laundering war chests, rigging the markets and cleaning a staggering amount of dirty money, so much so that the ‘City of London’ has now become the criminal banking center of the world

So lets address this directly. The man who is projected to win the next election is in favour of breaking up the Big four and has advocated jailing the people responsible for manipulating the market into a crash in 2008 and making off with trillions in phony ‘bailouts’. When the global financial crash happened, the British government had a choice. Either they print trillions of pounds and use that to guarantee the deposits of the banks customers as the banks failed and their criminality was exposed. If they had printed that money, guaranteed those deposits and given the public back their savings, those customers would then choose new banks to invest their money in, or not depending on their preference, it wouldn’t matter because that would have started the recovery immediately. The public would have instantly started spending and moving that money around the economy as a whole. The criminals would no longer hold their positions of power and would no longer be writing the laws and whilst it would still have been a tough recovery, be under no illusions we would still have a long way to go to begin addressing all of the flaws and loopholes purposely written into our banking legislation, it would have nipped the problem immediately in the bud and created the conditions by which a new market could arise and replace the old one. Failing business models, or models which are systematically set up to fail due to to funneling all capital to the top need to fail and be replaced by businesses that have found ways to ethically meet the needs of their market.

What the government chose to do instead, was to print trillions of pounds and hand it directly over to the failing banks in order for them to guarantee their deposits and re-liquidate. Of course, this relied on government asking those career criminals in business suits politely if they wouldn’t mind using some of that money to stabilize the national economy and predictably, instead of doing this, the banks used that money to prop up their criminal stock market casino for a few more years and continue paying their executives those exorbitant salaries and bonuses. They loaned some of it back into their multi-national corporate fronts and funneled it off to offshore markets, they even used some of it to continue having coked-up hooker parties with the very regulators who were supposed to be investigating their behavior. It wasn’t just us, the reaction to the Global banking crisis was for the most part a unilateral move by the World Bank, the IMF and the European Central bank, who’s vested interests and facilitation of the corruption that caused the crisis in the first place needed to be downplayed, but who’s multi-national control of central banking saw every major western nation react the same way, with a few notable exceptions where Nations were not a part of the single market and could opt to act differently.

Put simply, the crash was the result of a scam, and when the system was inevitably exposed and fell, we handed the recovery money and the responsibility for clearing up the mess to the exact same people and corporate institutions who caused it, and they did exactly what one would expect them to do, and used the money to continue the scam.

Now as long as we continue to be a part of the EU and the single market, there is absolutely no way to detach ourselves from the re-inflation of that system or change our economic policy to a degree that would negate any damage. We have absolute proof of this in the way that Greece was treat when it tried to do just that. Again, hate the conservatives all you want, but the austerity model they followed was an EU model through and through. The EU showed it had absolutely no qualms about imposing such measures on an entire nation should they seek to stray from out of lockstep. So now that we have given ourselves a mechanism by which we CAN remove ourselves from that system, the criminal banking cartel is facing, for the first time in 50 years, the very serious possibility that we could elect a man who has spoken openly about breaking up their monopoly and ailing their criminal element. When this is put together with the fact that leaving the single market and leaving the EU’s legislative and judicial autocracy creates the conditions by which someone elected on this platform would actually be able to write new legislation to close loopholes and outlaw criminal banking activity, it can be clearly seen that these circumstances present the most clear and present danger to the international financiers and banksters and the monopolistic scam of fractional reserve printing, market rigging, fiat currency and speculative bullshit that has created the widest wealth gap the western world has ever seen.

These corporate behemoths want the status-quo to remain because not only does it mean they can continue their crime, but to change it would mean possible jail time for some of the wealthiest people on the planet. This is why they are using the same neoliberal media they bought up years ago, Reuters, the AP and the mainstream shitrags on both sides of the British press, to continue to fear-monger about the ‘financial apocalypse’. How everything will fall apart unless everything stays exactly as it is and we continue to accept the financial, political and social effect of Austerity. We must not question the ‘recovery’ of our economy or question whether the economic model we use to move forward is inherently flawed or worse, purposely rigged to fail for the benefit of tiny clique of organized corporate criminals.

The painful truth is, the vast majority of the general public are economically illiterate, not stupid, not deficient in mathematics, but ignorant to the depth and complexity of the fiscal models that govern their economy and thus, govern everything from the price of food to the amount of jobs available and what the mean wage is, and therefore standard of living, will be. Into this black hole of general ignorance have stepped the masters of fiscal gymnastics who have turned the entire economy into a ponzi scheme, using all kinds of impressive looking theoretical models to hide the subtle siphoning of 90+% of the worlds wealth into a tiny number of hands. These people are now using their neo-liberal press fronts to once again, engineer consent for their system by using the uncertainty we face in detaching ourselves from it to frighten the economically illiterate back towards the single market and ultimately, back into the EU.

The ‘Big Lie’

“The ‘Big Lie’ (German: große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.””

They should be on trail at the Hague, they’re destroying Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and if they had their way and weren’t afraid of Nuclear retaliation from Pakistan and possibly Russia and China, would be destroying Iran as well. Kerry is responsible for going to Jordan in 2010 with John McCain and funding the ‘moderate rebels’ that became ISIS and his psychopathic stable mate Clinton has been using U.S. embassies and outposts to covertly continue giving weapons and intel to ISIS,who are allegedly our largest enemy but just so happen to be only conducting operations that further U.S./U.K./Israeli aims all over  the middle-east.

But just like Alfred Nobel himself, who created the peace prize as a P.R. stunt to divert attention away from his own crimes and present himself as a peace loving benevolent, these guys have been awarded the Nobel prize for peace,proving only that institutionalized insanity works best when it is so openly brazen that people refuse to believe their leaders would be so bold and lie so hard that the only logical step is to accept it as truth.

The Giants of Mythology and their Historical Counterparts

Obviously if you’ve spent any small amount of time clicking around the links on this site you will have no doubt noticed one of my favorite areas of research is comparative mythology and the ubiquitous appearance of ‘giants’ in historical and mythological accounts of almost every civilisation on the planet. For me, I distinctly remember reading Geoffrey of Monmouth and being intrigued and amused by the story of Brutus of Troy and his battle with Gogmagog. Then one night sat smoking and eating shitty vegetarian bacon, watching the stars in the amazing surroundings of Dinas Bran, a friend read a few tales from the Mabinogion and it so happened that where we were sat was the spot at which Gogmagog had buried his treasure, and I realised the histories of North Wales record the same being. Then there was the revelation (If you’ll excuse the pun) that Gog and Magog both make an appearance in the Bible as a part of the apocalyptic texts of John and when I stumbled across the tidbit that Bush sr.’s ritualistic title in the Skull and Bones fraternity was Magog, that was it, I had to figure out who or what Gogmagog represented and why, for instance, two wicker giants called Gog and Magog lead the Lord Mayor’s parade through the occult esoteric capital of ‘the City’ in the square mile in London every year, as well as retaining pride of place, watching over the activities of parliament. The Phoenicians are one of the many incredibly advanced mariner cultures who sailed and charted the globe and the sky at a time when modern history teaches that most human beings thought the world was flat. Could the phoenix on Gog’s shield signal a knowledge of his origin? And was this where the esoteric arts of Druidism and Kabbala first entered into British culture, or were we all of the understanding that we were the remnants of the same mythological Golden Age, the time of the Egyptian Ogdoad?


These are the things that cause me to spend far too much time just reading and blogging when I probably should be sleeping, but since the giants won’t stop rearing their heads every time I think I’m researching something totally unrelated, I have always allowed myself to venture off on a tangent whenever the subject of the gods, the Nephilim, the Anunaki, the Titans, the Ogdoad et al. comes up. Luckily, there are some very good researchers also following this vein of inquiry,  Andrew Collins, Brien Forester, Hugh Newman and Jim Viera to name a few. They’re all way better at presenting their information than I am.

Firstly, This is an absolutely awesome lecture from Andrew Collins discussing the genetic evidence of hybridization between Neanderthal and Human present in the newly discovered Swiderian civilization and the increasing body of scientific and circumstantial evidence that it was they who were responsible for much of the unreproducible megalithic Europe and the Middle-east

“From the Origins conference in 2014, Andrew Collins discusses the possibility that the Anunnaki of Mesopotamian mythology, are the memory of Neanderthal-human hybrids called Swiderians who entered eastern Anatolia from the north at the time of the Younger Dryas mini ice age, ca. 10,900-9600 BC. He examines also our ancestors relationship to the newly discovered hominin species called the Denisovans, showing that the giant skeletons found at numerous mound sites in the United States are the result of hybridization between Denisovans and Homo sapiens. He looks also at the Denisovans presence in southeast Asia, showing how in Java the Denisovans are perhaps remembered as the Raksasas, a giant race said to have been the earliest inhabitants of the island. Did they also leave behind as a legacy the breathtaking megalithic complex of Gunung Padang in West Java, which new geological surveys suggest could be as much as 24,000 years old?”

And then one of the best modern researchers of Giant mythology  and the man who created the Megalithomania conference in England, Hugh Newman, looks at the huge body of evidence in the United States that the mound building culture were human of relatively huge stature and that the Smithsonian Institute is responsible for disappearing a large amount of documented evidence it now says never existed.