Moving the Pawns: How the Banking System Seeks to Undermine the EU Referendum

The banks are a criminal cartel. They relied on the consolidation of the single market to run their fiat fractional reserve central banking  ponzi scam under the Europe wide protectionism of the EU. The ability to cut out negotiations with 28 separate nations states, each with their own GDP, market strengths and cultural biases by going above them to a Supra-national governing state, run by unelected ex-bankers and career politicians who’s pockets were lined with brown envelopes, was the fundamental reasoning behind the EU, and indeed the European Economic Council that preceded it. The interdependence of corrupt financial mechanisms this market encouraged, for example, the re branding of toxic debt packages as triple A and selling them on to other entities who were well aware of the toxicity of the debt on a global scale. This led to the notion that these banks were ‘Too big to fail”, because to expose the corruption in one would be to expose the corruption at the heart of all of them. This is why the most explosive financial scandal the world has ever seen, the LIBOR scandal, was quietly buried in the mainstream media.

When seen in the cold light of day, the logic of allowing multiple institutions who’s trade puts them in a position of great inherent power to merge into still more powerful institutions and then create a superstate governed by their own special interest representatives, can be seen as not even close to being logical in the slightest. It is obvious to even the most idiotic individual that to consolidate all that power in one place is to create a system that is ripe to be taken over by sociopaths, the power hungry, the corrupt. It is the equivalent of cocking a gun, leaving it on the floor and hoping the next person to pick it up doesn’t benefit from shooting you.

But Brexit was never about sound political philosophy, it was about fear on both sides of the offiical, sanitized, scandalized public debate and now that the referendum is over and the decision has been made, the Banksters are using their control over the mainstream to project the idea that the collapse of failing banks is a terrible thing that must be avoided at all costs, and that British people should now feel ashamed and responsible that these ailing and failing institutions are going to ‘have to’ move overseas or face not being able to pay their executives exorbitant salaries and bonuses for the job of laundering war chests, rigging the markets and cleaning a staggering amount of dirty money, so much so that the ‘City of London’ has now become the criminal banking center of the world

So lets address this directly. The man who is projected to win the next election is in favour of breaking up the Big four and has advocated jailing the people responsible for manipulating the market into a crash in 2008 and making off with trillions in phony ‘bailouts’. When the global financial crash happened, the British government had a choice. Either they print trillions of pounds and use that to guarantee the deposits of the banks customers as the banks failed and their criminality was exposed. If they had printed that money, guaranteed those deposits and given the public back their savings, those customers would then choose new banks to invest their money in, or not depending on their preference, it wouldn’t matter because that would have started the recovery immediately. The public would have instantly started spending and moving that money around the economy as a whole. The criminals would no longer hold their positions of power and would no longer be writing the laws and whilst it would still have been a tough recovery, be under no illusions we would still have a long way to go to begin addressing all of the flaws and loopholes purposely written into our banking legislation, it would have nipped the problem immediately in the bud and created the conditions by which a new market could arise and replace the old one. Failing business models, or models which are systematically set up to fail due to to funneling all capital to the top need to fail and be replaced by businesses that have found ways to ethically meet the needs of their market.

What the government chose to do instead, was to print trillions of pounds and hand it directly over to the failing banks in order for them to guarantee their deposits and re-liquidate. Of course, this relied on government asking those career criminals in business suits politely if they wouldn’t mind using some of that money to stabilize the national economy and predictably, instead of doing this, the banks used that money to prop up their criminal stock market casino for a few more years and continue paying their executives those exorbitant salaries and bonuses. They loaned some of it back into their multi-national corporate fronts and funneled it off to offshore markets, they even used some of it to continue having coked-up hooker parties with the very regulators who were supposed to be investigating their behavior. It wasn’t just us, the reaction to the Global banking crisis was for the most part a unilateral move by the World Bank, the IMF and the European Central bank, who’s vested interests and facilitation of the corruption that caused the crisis in the first place needed to be downplayed, but who’s multi-national control of central banking saw every major western nation react the same way, with a few notable exceptions where Nations were not a part of the single market and could opt to act differently.

Put simply, the crash was the result of a scam, and when the system was inevitably exposed and fell, we handed the recovery money and the responsibility for clearing up the mess to the exact same people and corporate institutions who caused it, and they did exactly what one would expect them to do, and used the money to continue the scam.

Now as long as we continue to be a part of the EU and the single market, there is absolutely no way to detach ourselves from the re-inflation of that system or change our economic policy to a degree that would negate any damage. We have absolute proof of this in the way that Greece was treat when it tried to do just that. Again, hate the conservatives all you want, but the austerity model they followed was an EU model through and through. The EU showed it had absolutely no qualms about imposing such measures on an entire nation should they seek to stray from out of lockstep. So now that we have given ourselves a mechanism by which we CAN remove ourselves from that system, the criminal banking cartel is facing, for the first time in 50 years, the very serious possibility that we could elect a man who has spoken openly about breaking up their monopoly and ailing their criminal element. When this is put together with the fact that leaving the single market and leaving the EU’s legislative and judicial autocracy creates the conditions by which someone elected on this platform would actually be able to write new legislation to close loopholes and outlaw criminal banking activity, it can be clearly seen that these circumstances present the most clear and present danger to the international financiers and banksters and the monopolistic scam of fractional reserve printing, market rigging, fiat currency and speculative bullshit that has created the widest wealth gap the western world has ever seen.

These corporate behemoths want the status-quo to remain because not only does it mean they can continue their crime, but to change it would mean possible jail time for some of the wealthiest people on the planet. This is why they are using the same neoliberal media they bought up years ago, Reuters, the AP and the mainstream shitrags on both sides of the British press, to continue to fear-monger about the ‘financial apocalypse’. How everything will fall apart unless everything stays exactly as it is and we continue to accept the financial, political and social effect of Austerity. We must not question the ‘recovery’ of our economy or question whether the economic model we use to move forward is inherently flawed or worse, purposely rigged to fail for the benefit of tiny clique of organized corporate criminals.

The painful truth is, the vast majority of the general public are economically illiterate, not stupid, not deficient in mathematics, but ignorant to the depth and complexity of the fiscal models that govern their economy and thus, govern everything from the price of food to the amount of jobs available and what the mean wage is, and therefore standard of living, will be. Into this black hole of general ignorance have stepped the masters of fiscal gymnastics who have turned the entire economy into a ponzi scheme, using all kinds of impressive looking theoretical models to hide the subtle siphoning of 90+% of the worlds wealth into a tiny number of hands. These people are now using their neo-liberal press fronts to once again, engineer consent for their system by using the uncertainty we face in detaching ourselves from it to frighten the economically illiterate back towards the single market and ultimately, back into the EU.


The Problem with the Monarchy. (Are the people who support them)

Believe it or not I have attempted over the past year to be less combative and purposefully controversial about tacit compliance with oppression. Controversial is another of those terms that is widely misused in the modern age as something that intentionally creates a public disagreement or is meant to be incendiary. To some extent this is true, but the word itself comes from the Latin contra which means ‘to come face to face with’ or ‘to face up against’ and versare meaning ‘to change; alter’. So controversy by it’s very nature is the action of people coming face to face with change. It’s not the case for every controversial topic, but in this case, it’s necessary change. The controversy comes with the fact that since the time of the peasants revolt, convoluted though that may have been, we the general masses of humanity have been engaged in a sustained existential battle to throw off the psychopathic self proclaimed archons of our respective civilizations, deconstruct their obsolete hierarchies and emerge as an evolved and enlightened unified species to act as custodians of our environment and explore the universe. That may be an unobtainable goal, who knows, but there can be no real doubt that the goal of allowing ourselves to evolve our potential through egalitarianism and exploration of expression is itself is far more of a logical and reasonable way to conduct our short existence than to allow a few hundred thousand to declare themselves in charge and everybody acquiesce and enable their delusions. Then allow them to create trillions of paper tokens, hoard 90% of them and have them vicariously represent all labour, trading and indeed who lives and dies. Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds like psychopathy.

So to be honest, there are certain groups and beliefs that need to be called out on their bullshit when this is how fucking disgusting our press has become:


but then take one look at the header of the Express and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s very simple, there are two types of people in this country.

The first are those who genuinely understand who and what the ‘Royal’ family is. People who know that far from being a benevolent benefactors and ceremonial figures they actually represent, through their weapons sales, ruler-ship of oil cartels, dominance over the banking sector and right of royal ascent, a level of control over the state which is in a multitude of ways far greater than when they simply proclaimed themselves gods chosen rulers. Especially when one considers that every major national TV station and newspaper operates under a royal charter, so if they step out of line an excuse can be easily convoluted to revoke their charter.
And then, there’s the second group. Lets not pull any punches here. The second group are idiots, and i don’t mean that as a slur, I mean it in the true Greek sense of the word, as in someone who is willfully ignorant of politics. These are the sycophants, the people who have quite simply been ultra-conditioned into Stockholm syndrome. The people who fully accept and promote their own perceived inferiority by reveling in monarchism. The people who man the parade routes and watch glorified and glamourised dramas about these people without understanding, or worse, understanding and completely ignoring the fact that people they’re based on are murderous, bloodline-obsessed white supremacist psychopaths. Like the nationalist base in America, these are people who glamourise the past. Who ignore the brutal reality of slavery and segregation to suggest some intangible ‘great’ America once existed and we should ‘get back’ to it somehow.. In England, it’s a blind reverence for the Victorian era, a view of the past that is nothing more than the result of excellent P.R. and there are millions who buy into it. They are fully responsible for supporting and facilitating the slow declining return to Victorian politics, workhouse level poverty and class warfare on a scale never seen before. It is exactly the same as if the Russian middle class decided they wanted to keep Stalin around because they love the tradition and think his parades are pretty, conveniently ignoring that he killed 60 million people and was a brutal tyrant. It is literally that idiotic and misguided.
This stuff could not happen without the sycophants. If the royals demanded millions from the taxpayer and control over our legislative system but the majority of the country understood who they were and what they represent, they would be laughed straight into the fucking sea. But because there is an entire swathe of people who buy into royalist propaganda and refuse to acknowledge the truth, this despicable caste remains in control and the problems we face cannot even begin to be addressed, because half the country’s population refuse to acknowledge the source of the problem in the first place.
There is NO EXCUSE for this. I’ve lost friends over saying this before and I am fully prepared to lose more by saying it again. Ignorance of this situation is a choice in this day and age, and there is absolutely no excuse for supporting systems that purposefully disadvantage 90% of the population in favour of elevating a tiny clique of oligarchs and those that do are making a choice not just to see themselves as inferior, but everyone else as inferior too.
I have a problem with that. If you’re a human being not born into it that bloodline, you should too

What’s So Bad about Aleister Crowley

Freeman Fly Interviews William Ramsey about the lasting legacy of Aleister Crowley

Anybody who listens to me talk about the History of 20th Century magick for more than 5 minutes will invariably ask me, “why so much Crowley?” and it’s a legitimate question, even if my answer is usually “Here, read this ridiculously long and convoluted book he wrote full of Levite jargon and impenetrable metaphor”.

To most laypeople, Crowley is merely a tabloid figure, the first real celebrity and a man who was an expert in manipulating opinion and creating a mythology about himself. It’s certainly true that Crowley was all these things, creating a mythos and a legacy was half the deal with him, he believed he would become a legendary human being on the level of the Buddha or Eliphas Levi, and in many ways he succeeded.

But to anybody who has looked into the philosophies and Ideologies that shaped the beginning of the 20th century, Crowley is a figure who cannot be ignored. It is not hyperbole to state that there is no real understanding of the early 20th century without and understanding of Crowley, it’s impossible to get a true handle of anything from Hitler to Churchill, from Aldous Huxley to Timothy Leary, from L Ron Hubbard to Jack Parsons, from David Bowie to Jimmy Paige, from Helena Blavatsky to Alice Bailey, H.R. Geiger to the Beatles,  Alan Moore through to Heath Ledgers Joker, from Jayne Mansfield to Peaches Geldof, from occultism through psionics to Quantum mechanics, None of these things can be truly comprehended without at least a basic understanding of the occult work of Aliester Crowley and his Chivalric Orders.

The Golden dawn, the O.T.O and the many free masonic sects Crowley influenced have only gone on to become more influential and provide more leading political candidates, CEO’s and fortune 500 chairmen than you can shake a stick at. And all of this is without even beginning to scratch the surface of figures in the entertainment industry you see everyday on your television that are affirmed, practicing disciples of Crowley. Lady Gaga, Beyonce & Jay-Z, Katy Perry and any of the numerous Scientologists included.

Whilst it is easy to look at the modern technological age and believe we are breaking free from dogmatic, restrictive religious systems and into an age of anarchic progression, the reality of the situation is that by reading and understanding how Crowley took the Occult and set a path for its externalization, ushering in the Aon of Horus, where reductionism and scientific materialism would pave a way for the ‘Magick’ of the past to be the science of the future, one can fairly easily trace the progression of his line of thinking and the set of events he put into motion to the modern age, where it is possible to make the case that Crowleyism, or more accurately, Thelema-ism, is the most influential religion in the world.